Reasons for Undeliverable Packages

There are many reasons that a package may be returned to us as undeliverable.

  • Item is too big for a P.O. Box

    Some items are too big to ship to a P.O. Box and must be shipped to a street address.

  • Incorrect Address.

    If the address is incorrect or outdated, the package is typically returned to us by the carrier or the unintended recipient.

  • Address Format

    If a post office box address was entered in a format our system does not recognize, the package may be shipped through a carrier that cannot deliver to a post office box.

    To ensure that such packages are routed through the proper carriers, please enter the box number as "P.O. Box" followed by the number. Also, if you're a private mailbox holder (use a local commercial mail receiving agency), do not use "Box" for your mailbox number, instead use # or PMB. This will ensure that your address is not mistaken to be a P.O. Box, and that orders can ship to you via means other than postal services.

  • Failed Delivery Attempts

    Most of our carriers make up to three attempts to deliver a package. Unless required by you, it is generally up to the driver's discretion to determine whether a signature is required. After these attempts, the package may remain available for pickup up to a week. After this period, it will be returned to us.

  • Damaged During Transit.

    If a package is damaged on its way to you, the shipper may return it to us without attempting delivery.

  • Other Transportation Problems.

    Packages can be sorted to the wrong carrier or labels can be damaged such that the carrier is unable to determine the correct delivery address.

  • Refused by Recipient.

    If a recipient is not expecting a package, they may refuse it if they believe it was sent to them in error.

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