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7 Gifts for Older Dads Who Want Nothing

You’ve been racking your brain. You want to get your dad a special gift, but for the father who says he has everything or just doesn’t know what he wants, the job becomes trickier. Whether you're shopping for birthday gifts, Fathers’ day gifts, Christmas gifts,


8 Dementia Caregiver Tips for First-Timers

Caring for a parent with dementia is a profound and often challenging journey, particularly for those taking on the role for the first time. The complexities of dementia require not only a deep well of patience and compassion but also practical knowledge and preparation. We're here


Best Walking Shoes for Older Men to Stay Active

Walking is one of the best activities for keeping your body and mind healthy. As we age, we lose muscle mass, balance, coordination and even your mental state. To keep yourself moving, you will want to find the best walking shoe to suit your needs.  Why


Mother’s Day Outfit for Mom & Styling Tips for Older Adults

When planning an outfit for your mom, incorporating adaptive styles into her wardrobe can help alleviate challenges that may accompany dressing

There’s nothing more frustrating than struggling when finding something to wear. With a little advanced planning, you can ensure you and your mom have the perfect outfit options for any event, whether you’re heading to a fancy Mother’s Day brunch or casual mother daughter activities.


Fashion for Women Over 60: Where Fashion Meets Function

The Shift in Fashion for Women Over 60 There is a giant fashion myth floating around that says women can’t be stylish when they age. We are the first to know it is not true!  Over the last few decades, the idea of aging has changed significantly.


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