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Hospital Grip Socks: Non-Slip Socks for Seniors

Our secure and comfortable footwear for older adults and non-slip slippers for the elderly is designed for functionality and fashion. Our collection of non-slip socks for elderly individuals is specially designed to cater to the needs of seniors, providing them with safety and comfort in every step. These anti-slip socks are not just ordinary socks; they are a crucial tool to prevent falls and injuries of the patient.

Our hospital socks are equipped with unique non-skid soles, making them perfect for reducing the risk of slips and falls, particularly in a hospital setting or at home. The gripper socks for elderly are made from soft, breathable materials, ensuring comfort throughout the day. Additionally, our grip socks elderly selection includes diabetic soft cotton socks, designed to provide gentle support without constricting circulation. These anti-slip socks for elderly individuals are an essential part of any senior’s wardrobe, offering them independence and peace of mind.

Choosing Silverts means opting for non-slip socks for elderly that combine practicality with thoughtful design. Our hospital socks, when worn with our shoes for older women and men, are more than just footwear; they provide a sense of security and stability that is crucial for older adults. When you purchase from Silverts, you're investing in products that prioritize the well-being and dignity of the elderly person. Our commitment to quality and care is evident in every pair of sock options we offer, ensuring that seniors can walk confidently and comfortably in their daily lives.

Adaptive Socks

Reduce the risk of slipping and keep feet warm with Silverts’ adaptive socks, designed with a grippable, non-slip sole. Choose from our collection of high-quality ankle socks, crew socks, calf-length socks and compression socks to keep loved ones safe and secure when walking around independently. Our socks for elderly and seniors also offer skid resistance on all types of flooring, from tiles to hardwoods, making them a great option for both nursing facilities and home care.

Socks for Seniors

Socks for seniors have never been more comfortable and secure. Each pair of socks is made from a machine-washable, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial fabric. Some of our adaptive socks offer a seamless toe and a stretchy, ultra-soft fabric for maximum comfort and warmth. Offered in single pairs and multi-packs of soft pastels and monochromes, there are many color choices to wear to match our adaptive ensembles, tops and bottoms, too. 

Compression Socks

Need a pair of compression socks for elderly loved ones? Silverts carries non-slip compression socks and diabetic compression socks, too. With the right amount of pressure and a seamless design that minimizes irritations, these adaptive socks can keep swollen feet warm and comfortable. Plus, each pair has slip-resistant grips on the soles for safety.

Shop Adaptive Socks and More

Silverts’ adaptive socks are a wonderful option for elderly, seniors and those who need support while getting into a wheelchair. Hospitals, nursing facilities and home caretakers love Silverts’ slip-resistant, grippable adaptive socks and so do those who wear them. 

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