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Nursing home clothing by Silverts provides easy and convenient dressing solutions for caregivers and elderly in nursing homes. Silverts open back dressing designs are designed to make dressing easy and safe. There are many caregivers who assist seniors or patients with Alzheimer's, arthritis, scoliosis, incontinence, decreased mobility, paralysis, stroke, diabetes, ALS or Parkinson's. These health issues can make dressing and daily routine a struggle for the elderly. Nursing home patients can benefit from the easy dressing functionality of Silverts adaptive clothing.

How can Nursing Home Clothing help?

Clothes for elderly in nursing home should be comfortable and easy to wear. Daily challenges and struggles like using buttons, tying shoelaces, pulling on garments with great difficulty, narrow neck openings can make caregiving difficult for many caregivers and healthcare professionals. Silverts provides some of the best clothes for residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Our adaptive apparel for nursing home residents allows individuals to maintain comfort, appearance, independence, and self-esteem. Residents of care homes and skilled nursing facilities often face unique dressing challenges that conventional clothing cannot address. Adaptive clothing is the perfect solution to many of these challenges.

Patients with joint pain may also find it difficult to maneuver in and out of tight “regular” clothing. A nursing home resident can feel much more comfortable when they feel at ease. For example, if they are using Silverts hospital gowns, they are not just easy to put on but provide complete dignity and coverage to the patient or the senior. There are no pressure points that can aggravate sensitive skin or cause pain especially when the patient is lying down on the bed. The snaps are strategically placed on the shoulders to avoid closures pressing on any part of the body. When lowered mobility becomes an issue Silverts full line of disabled adaptive clothing offers seated dressing designs to resolve all your dressing challenges.

Whether you are looking for women’s nursing home clothing or men’s nursing home clothing, Silverts has easy dressing solutions for all your needs. Elderly, seniors and those individuals who require assistance when getting dressed will love Silverts adaptive apparel. Our unique adaptive designs help foster independence and are built for easy assisted dressing. Silverts clothing designs are a result of close collaborations with various healthcare professionals. We design patient clothing to help patient care assistants avoid serious injury when dressing residents.

Women’s nursing home clothing and men’s nursing home clothing includes easy dressing solutions to all the challenges poised by conventional apparel.

Nursing Home Clothing for Women:

Here are some examples of nursing home clothing for women.

Front Closure Bra:

Silverts front closure bras come in hook or snap fastenings. You can choose hook fastenings in a comfort cotton or stretchy nylon. The snap bra has four easy snaps. These bras are extremely helpful in both independent and assisted dressing solutions. Often seniors are conservative about people seeing them, so they struggle with letting a nurse or support worker help them in putting a bra on. This gives them more ease and independence to put the bra on, on their own.

Adaptive Pants:

Silverts open side pants are the perfect solution for reduced mobility. In open side pants, the buttons and zippers are replaced with adjustable easy touch fastenings. This feature makes it easier to dress and undress easily. Elastic waist jeans are made for comfort. With an elastic waist band and comfortable stretchy material, you do not need to struggle with zippers or buttons.

Open Back Dresses:

Silverts open back snap dresses are easy to wear and easy to care for. For elderly women who require caregiver assisted dressing, our best-selling dress is a great option for style and functionality. Quality material, open back features and pretty prints make our hospital gowns easy to wear. Leave your loved one feeling confident and stylish and looking their best in these great open back dresses.

Adaptive Tops:

Adaptive open back tops will make dressing easy for any assisted dressing situation. No more struggling with small arm or neck holes making this optimal nursing home apparel. A wide variety of tops will keep your loved one looking stylish every season. This great top along with other nursing home apparel items for women can all be found at Silverts.

Night Gowns:

When night time routines are painful and uncomfortable, Silverts night gowns will make a big difference. Caregivers simply snap the domes in place. Our newest night gown was designed to have a roomy fit and is made with soft jersey knit for added comfort. It is a great for nursing homes, hospitals and home care too! This great nightgown is offered in other fabrics as well, a poly-cotton blend which is light for summer weather or patients that are more often hot.

Nursing Home Clothing for Men:

While all adaptive clothing will benefit the wearer, starting with these basic items will ensure significant improvements in daily routines.

Magnetic Dress Shirt:

Our magnetic dress shirt combines the best of style and functionality. The hidden magnetic snaps are easy to use and stay in place throughout the day. If your loved one struggles with buttons but does not want help when getting dressed, this classic magnetic button up shirt is the perfect solution. It allows a senior to remain independent and it also helps the caregiver dress their patient easily.

Elastic Waist Pants:

Elastic waist pants are comfortable because of the flexibility they offer. The elasticized waist band creates an easy and adjustable fit. It can accommodate weight fluctuations and they are perfect for casual wear. Elastic waist pants for nursing home residents can also be paired with our magnetic shirt for more formal occasions.

Side Open Pants:

Open side pants are perfect for both independent and assisted dressing. Zippers and buttons are replaced with adjustable fastenings on both sides of the pant. Gaberdine material gives the look of a dress pant but will withstand all industrial washing. Throw them in the dryer and they will come out looking as good as they went going in! No dry cleaning necessary.

Adaptive Polo Shirt:

Silverts adaptive open back polo for nursing home residents is great for nursing facilities. Perfect for anyone who experiences pain in their upper body when dressing. The adaptive open back polo opens up completely, allowing the shirt to be put on without having to lift your arms. This polo is the perfect solution for limited arm mobility issues or those who suffer from bursitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or frozen shoulder.  Our polo shirt is made of quality polyester to withstand the rigors of industrial washing and laundry processes.

Mens Hospital Gown:

Silverts adaptive nightgowns offer discretion and comfort that you can’t find with regular hospital gowns. The back of the garment fully overlaps ensuring the wearer’s backside will never be exposed. With snaps that are placed strategically on the shoulders, there will be no pressure points for the resident when they sleep. The snaps are secured on the shoulders and will reduce pressure points or any rubbing throughout the night.

Nursing Home Footwear:

Nursing home residents and those who are disabled are susceptible to a variety of foot problems. Swollen feet, edema, bunions and other podiatry issues are some of the reasons of concern. Silverts offers the best shoes and slippers for nursing home patients and residents in wide adjustable VELCRO® with added skid resistant protection for residents that may be unstable on their feet.

Extra Wide sandals:

With great arch support, Silverts extra wide sandals completely open up accommodating even the most swollen feet with ease. Great for swollen ankles and diabetic friendly, these sandals have slip resistant soles to help keep nursing home residents safe and comfortable.

Gripper Socks:

Silverts gripper socks have treads on the bottom which make them safe to wear. This feature helps prevent accidental slips and falls. Gripper socks for women are especially helpful during nighttime trips to the bathroom. Nursing home residents can put the socks on before bed, and simply slip out of bed and to the washroom at ease.