Muscular Dystrophy Clothing

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Silverts’ Muscular Dystrophy Clothing

Need adaptive clothing for a loved one or patient with muscular dystrophy? At Silverts, you will find a large selection of clothing for muscular dystrophy patients and other neuromuscular diseases, such as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Multiple sclerosis (MS). Each clothing type, from pants, tops, sweaters and jackets, offers features that allow the wearer to dress independently and with dignity – all while looking stylish! 

Adaptive Clothing Features

Silverts offers a wide range of clothing for muscular dystrophy patients, each with a thoughtful feature that allows the wearer to dress themselves or a caregiver to assist. Some of the features you will find on our adaptive clothing for those with muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular diseases are magnetic buttons and zippers, elastic waists, easy pull tabs and detachable sleeves – each one added to offer comfort and convenience.

Choose a look that suits their personality, too. Silverts offers muscular dystrophy clothing in a variety of fashionable styles and trendy looks that will have them always looking their best. Ladies will find several cute tops, track suits, capris jeans and linen trousers. They can also keep warm with stylish blazers, active jackets and even shawls to complete a look. For men, Silverts offers cargo pants, vests, jean jackets and button-up shirts, jeans and pants with side closures.

Shop More Adaptive Clothing Styles

Looking for more than our adaptive clothing for muscular dystrophy patients? Silverts carries a wide range of adaptive clothing styles for disabled adults, whether they are in long-term care facilities or a home care setting. Browse our entire selection of adaptive clothing and shop by need to find the perfect ensemble, helping any disabled adult dress easier so they feel independent, too.