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If a patient is equipped with the right post surgery clothing, the post operative journey can become easier. Getting surgery done is a stressful decision despite the positive outcomes it can bring. For seniors, it is even more difficult because of slow healing and increased risk of complications. Post-operative care for seniors is an extremely important step for a successful and healthy recovery. It is not easy to change a patient’s clothes after they have had an arm surgery, but there are dressing solutions.

How is medical patient clothing helpful?

When a patient is discharged from the hospital, post surgery care at home can become an intimidating task for family caregivers. Caregivers have to perform repetitive tasks of changing a patient’s clothes and it becomes even more difficult with traditional clothing. There is a range of post op clothing available that will help the caregiver dress or undress the person who is recovering from an arm or shoulder surgery. After surgery clothing also helps the caregiver clean the incisions and wounds without having to undress the patient every time.

What are some of the different kinds of post op clothing available?

There is a wide range of after surgery clothing that is perfect for post op process:

Elastic Waist Pants:

Elastic waist pants help avoid the struggle of dealing with buttons. An elastic waist band on pants iffers the stretch and comfort that ordinary and conventional pants can not offer. Pull on pants for men and women with elastic waist always fit right and do not irritate the skin.

For those recovering from a surgery, buttons become problematic due to lowered hand dexterity or overall weakness. Silverts elastic waist pants are the perfect after surgery clothing because they can be pulled on with ease and they can be taken of with the same comfort. When you in the post op recovery phase, you either dress yourself or you need assistance while dressing. Elastic waist features make it easy for both. Sturdy, secure and hidden easy touch closures will last through many washes because they are very durable.

Magnetic Closures:

Whether you are recovering from a surgery or you have Parkinson's, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy or had a stroke, magnetic closures are the perfect solution. The magnetic closures on Silverts shirts is the perfect post surgery clothing because it prevents you from struggling with conventional buttons.

Slip resistant socks:

Post op recovery socks should be safe to wear and Silverts slipper socks are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Womens and mens hospital socks are gripper socks with threads or grips on the bottom that are designed to help prevent slips, falls and accidents.

Slipper socks are great for post op recovery at home because they prevent accidental slips and falls when you are walking around the house or using a walker. Hospitals utilize these socks with grips in helping prevent falls. They are terrific for wheelchair transfers when a little traction can go a long way. If a patient needs help maneuvering around in bed, warm soft slipper gripper socks can be a great aid to ensure safety.

Open back tops:

For post-operative patients, everyday garments may also put too much pressure on the surgical site–or chafe against it–resulting in discomfort and pain. That is why adaptive clothing features minimal seams for ultimate comfort and wide openings that make dressing a less taxing experience, even with limited joint mobility. With open back tops, there is no need to struggle with small arm or neck holes which make this kind of dressing optimal for nursing homes and residential care facilities. They can also work well for post-op recovery patients while they are healing from surgery.

Full Dignity Hospital gowns:

Adaptive clothing/tops completely open, allowing the individuals arms to be slid into the garment sleeves without ever having to raise/lower their arms or struggle with small neck openings. Silverts hospital gowns for women and men are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They are not just easy to put but provide complete dignity and coverage to the patient or the senior. There are no pressure points that can aggravate sensitive skin or cause pain especially when the patient is lying down on the bed. The snaps are strategically placed on the shoulders to avoid closures pressing on any part of the body. Women’s snap back adaptive gowns are available in a wide range of sizes from small to 3XL or extra extra extra Large. Our nightgowns offer discretion and comfort that you can not find with regular hospital gowns. The back of the garment fully overlaps ensuring the wearer’s backside will never be exposed.