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Assisted Dressing
People who need help getting dressed
Self Dressing
People who get dressed by themselves
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Comfortable and Stylish Snap-On Clothing

Losing hand dexterity is a natural part of the aging process, but many of us don’t realize just how much it can impact our lives. Simple daily tasks like getting dressed can become quite challenging, especially when wearing clothing with frustrating buttons and zippers. Silverts’ adaptive snap-on clothing can help address the mobility issues that come with the natural aging process to make getting dressed less of a struggle.

Whether you’re an older adult, a person with lowered mobility or a caregiver looking for ways to simplify care for a loved one or patient, these clothing options are a wonderful solution. We have a variety of clothing with snaps for elderly men and women for your consideration, including snap-on pants, tops, dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, undergarments and so much more. These adaptive clothing options make the ideal clothing for seniors, those with multiple sclerosis or rotator cuff issues and anyone with a limited range of motion.

Adaptive Clothing with Snaps and More

Discover snap clothing for elderly people made with a huge array of excellent features. All of these pieces are made with soft, breathable fabrics ideal for sensitive skin and some feature wider neck openings, pull-on waists, easy-grip loops and stretchy elements to allow for quicker dressing. What’s more, many of our snap-on apparel options are designed for those who use a wheelchair to accommodate dressing from a seated position.

At Silverts, adaptive clothing isn’t just designed to make your life easier. It’s also designed to inspire you to want to get dressed! Explore our snap-on tops, dresses, pants and more featuring fun patterns, stylish colors and unique fabrics to help match your sense of style and wardrobe.