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Adaptive clothing is specially designed clothing to help make it easier for people who have difficulty dressing. Having clothing that has been adapted can make such a positive difference in a person's life by giving them the independence to continue to dress themselves or enable carers to dress them with ease and comfort.


Adapted clothing is designed to make getting dressed simpler. Silverts adaptive clothing is created with seniors and adults with disabilities in mind, using easy touch closures, magnetic buttons, elastic waists and open back functionalities. Adaptive clothing for elderly offers independent and assisted dressing for home care, long term care, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes.


Alzheimer’s / Dementia often leads to cognitive decline and can result in difficulties with mobility, getting dressed and staying dressed. Our specialized Alzheimers clothing and clothing for dementia patients solves dressing challenges with easy-to-use closures, assisted dressing functionalities, and anti-strip jumpsuits to prevent disrobing.


Most commonly experienced in the hands, hips and knees, Arthritis can have a major impact on your ability to be independent in daily routines. Silverts Arthritis clothing offers stylish designs that support you in getting dressed from magnetic buttons and zippers to easy pull-on Arthritis pants.

Diabetic Footwear

Silverts Diabetic footwear addresses the needs of neuropathy from diabetes. The extra extra wide diabetic slippers and no seam diabetic socks help to avoid irritation and prevent abrasions. Our specialized footwear has the capacity to expand and contract as feet swell throughout the day. We have the best shoes for swollen diabetic feet, our diabetic shoes provide the support and foot protection that persons with diabetes require as they are at high risk of foot complications.


Silverts disabled clothing provides help to the wearer and caregiver using simple closure technology and open back designs. It can be hard to find clothing for people with disabilities as you might require assistance in getting dressed or certain designs to make it comfortable. This includes bras for disabled women that close at the front or open side pants for disabled men.

Edema & Lymphedema Shoes

Edema can cause swelling of the limbs and most often the feet. Silverts offers edemawear in the form of extra extra wide edema shoes and slippers with adjustable sizing to adapt to daily changes in swelling. Our edema clothing accounts for swelling with designs like extra wide armholes. Sizing up in shoes to accommodate the swelling can result in a tripping hazard, stick with your shoe size and stay safe with our lymphedema shoes and edema slippers.

Elderly Clothing

At Silverts we focus on providing comfort and ease of dressing while maintaining independence and a sense of style. Our adaptive clothing for the eldery or disabled is designed to provide for all different needs in the aging process. Great options for personal care and incontinence, footwear that accounts for loss of dexterity and easy wear open back designs to make it easier for wheelchair users.

Hospital Gowns

At Silverts we pride ourselves on the comfortable and innovative designs of our hospital gown and home care gowns. A traditional hospital patient gown does not provide privacy, security or comfort. Paired with our bed capes for sleeping, our cute hospital gowns are stylish and come with our ‘No Peek” design. This “No-Peek” generous overlap at the back provides complete dignity as well as easy access for medical needs.

Hospital Clothing for Patients

Hospital clothes for patients often require adaptive designs to accommodate varying medical procedures and stages of recovery. Our post-surgical clothing has simple snap closures to provide complete dignity and easy access for follow-up and wound care. When undergoing rehab, palliative care or convalescence, ease of wear in dressing and comfort is most important. Making items like our open back tops and easy to wear pull-on pants perfect.

Nursing Home

Clothes for the elderly in nursing homes are designed with functional features to help make dressing, undressing, and toileting safe and simple. Nursing home clothing makes a caregiver’s daily routine easier and safer by alleviating weight bearing tasks with adaptive features. Our adaptive nightgowns have snaps at strategic locations that help avoid pressure points, bed sores, and overlaps that provide proper coverage, palliative care clothing can also help with wound care. Silverts clothing for seniors in nursing homes provide ease and comfort.


Parkinson’s clothing by Silverts provides a complete solution set that can help resolve all dressing challenges. Clothing for Parkinsons patients should be easy to dress and wear. If your loved one finds it difficult to stand steadily while dressing, experiences tremors or rigid muscles, clothes for people with Parkinsons can simplify daily dressing routines. With magnetic zippers and closures dressing and undressing becomes easier and safer.

Post Operation

When preparing for a surgery or procedure it can help to have clothing that will support you throughout your recovery. Post shoulder surgery and post hip surgery adapted clothing is custom designed to make recovery period easier for the wearer and the caregiver. With roomy styles and soft fabric, post surgery clothing can help you feel comfortable while you heal. Silverts nightgowns provide comfort and are very practical for daily wound care. Post-op clothing provides solutions for post-surgical patients to aid and to minimize risk of injury and discomfort.


Senior clothing should be easy to wear. With functional features such as open back tops and side open pants, open back pants and magnetic closures, adaptive senior outfits provide ease of use and struggle-free dressing options. Silverts elderly fashion clothing is stylish, functional and comfortable. It also comes in plus size clothing for an easy fit.

Swollen Feet

Shoes for swollen feet are meant to combine comfort and style. Silverts has the best shoes and slippers for swollen feet that are easy to slip on or take off. As your feet swell throughout the day, the adjustable feature allows for maximum comfort and security. The wearer never has to go up in size to accommodate the swelling. Our footwear collection includes everything from compression socks for swollen feet to extra wide shoes to diabetic socks.


Wheelchair clothing comes with functional adaptive features that help the wearer get dressed easily and safely. Adaptive clothing for wheelchair users is designed to provide safer methods of getting dressed without compromising on comfort. Silverts shoes and slippers are perfect for people in wheelchairs as slippers glide on carpeted floors and provide stable and comfortable placement on wheelchair footrests.

Wide Feet

Shoes for wide feet help accommodate swollen feet. Sandals for wide feet have a generous amount of easy touch fastening that allow adjustment for extra wide feet. Silverts carries comfortable shoes for wide feet to provide maximum comfort and ease. You do not need to order a size up as our footwear is designed extra wide. Wide soles make it safe for persons who hobble, limp, or shuffle when they walk.

Recovery Wear

Recovery wear clothing is key to the post-operative care journey. Recovery clothing helps with daily dressing routines so caregivers can manage frequent bandage changes and wound care maintenance. Adaptive recovery wear designs provide solutions for post-surgical patients to aid and to minimize risk of injury and discomfort.


Handicap clothing is designed to support adults with disabilities. Traditional clothing can have uncomfortable pressure points and be difficult to get dressed or undressed. Silverts offers clothing designs for the handicapped and handicap shoes with simple closures for both the user and caregiver, specifically our open back tops and pants.

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