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Gift Ideas

Find the perfect gift for your loved ones with our curated list of gift ideas. Whether it’s a gift for him or for her, find the most comfortable, stylish and functional items that will make dressing easier for your special loved one! Shop our bundles for more items at extra savings.

Need to find a gift for grandma, grandpa or another elderly loved one?

Nursing home clothing, shoes and accessories are some of the best gifts that you can give to the older adult in your life since they are both thoughtful and helpful. Here are some of our top-selling gifts for the elderly at Silverts.

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Gifts for Limited Mobility

Is your loved one confined to a wheelchair or otherwise struggling with limited mobility? Here are a couple of gift ideas they might benefit from:

Wheelchair Cape or Blanket

Many elderly people have difficulty staying warm anyways, and being wheelchair-bound can make that harder since they aren’t moving around as much. That’s why one of our favorite gifts for the elderly in wheelchairs is wheelchair clothing like a cape or blanket.

Wheelchair capes go over their heads and drape over their shoulders so they don’t have to mess with sleeves. They are longer in the front than the back so that their legs will stay covered without the fabric getting caught in the wheels. Meanwhile, wheelchair blankets drape over their laps and attach to the handles so they can’t fall off even when the wheelchair is moving.

Adult Bib or Bib Scarf

Eating meals can become a bit more messy as people age, especially if they have arthritis, tremors, or other conditions that make it hard to hold a fork steady. You can help protect their outfits by giving them an adult bib made of water and stain-resistant vinyl that is easy to wipe down and which is also machine washable.

Choose from a traditional bib style that fastens around the neck or a scarf style that fastens vertically down the front. Consider buying several at once so your loved one always has a clean one to use while the others are in the wash.

Gifts for the Elderly

If you need to shop for both grandma and grandpa at the same time, you might want to seek out gifts for older adults that will work for recipients of any gender. Here are some of our favorite go-to gift ideas for the seniors in your life:

Skid-Resistant Slippers

Wearing diabetic shoes during waking hours, even when just sitting around at home, is key for fall prevention in the elderly. Understandably, many people don’t want to wear stiff outside shoes when just hanging around at home, which is why they are sure to appreciate a pair of soft slippers with skid-resistant soles. Seek out house slippers for men or women with Velcro tabs so they can adjust the fit if their feet swell a lot during the day.

If they have corns, bunions or other foot conditions, they may need a wide-fit slipper to comfortably accommodate their feet, so be sure to measure their feet before making a purchase.

Hospital Gowns

If your loved one is scheduled for a hospital stay, whether it’s just overnight or for a longer period of time, then they will definitely enjoy the gift of a premium hospital gown. Unlike the disposable gowns given out by the doctor, our high-quality hospital gowns are made of soft fabric with panels that completely overlap in the back for modesty and comfort. They come in many different styles for both men and women, including fun colors and prints, as well as some models that look more like nightgowns than hospital gowns, so you can choose the one your recipient will like the most.

Pajama Sets

Everyone can use a set of comfortable, warm pajamas, and this is especially true for elderly women and men who spend a lot of time at home. At Silverts, we offer a variety of pajamas styles for both women and men, from open-back assisted dressing pajamas sets to one-piece stay-on sleepers that help to prevent involuntary disrobing in dementia patients.

All of our adaptive sleepware and pajamas feature carefully placed seams and closures to eliminate pressure points and promote better sleep. Also be sure to check out our tracksuits, loungewear and other casual styles for those days when they are simply relaxing at home.

Compression Socks

Speaking of swollen feet, an affordable gift that can help with that is a pair of compression socks. These socks are made of a specially woven fabric that provides gentle pressure on their feet and calves to prevent swelling and encourage blood flow. If someone puts them on in the morning, before their feet have begun, then the socks will help to reduce swelling throughout the day.

The socks come in various sizes, as well as levels of compression, so it’s important to pick the right one for your recipient. While compression socks are generally safe for older people to wear, you should double check that they don’t have a circulatory issue or another health issue that is contraindicated by compression socks.

Gifts for the Elderly Women

If you are shopping for grandma specifically, then you will understandably want some clothes that are tailored to her needs. Here are some of the most popular gifts for elderly women on our website:

Adaptive Cardigans & Tops​

Many elderly women love to layer a cardigan over their daily outfit to add a style element and to stay warm, whichj is why we offer dozens of cardigan styles in size small through 3XL. Choose from pull-on, open-back and pen-front styles to meet her preferences and needs. Browse multiple colors and patterns, from a blue sweater with flower embroidery to a traditional cable-knit gray sweater, to find the perfect one for the elderly women in your life. Be sure to check out men's sweaters, as well, if you're shopping for grandpa as well!

Duster House Dresses

Just because your loved one is aging doesn’t mean that she can’t wear dresses that she loved in her youth! In fact, house dresses for women are incredibly comfortable to wear all day, in addition to being easy to put on, either alone or with help — which is why duster house dresses are one of our top gifts for elderly women. They come in both pull-on and open-back styles, as well as a broad range of colors and print to suit every taste and season. If you’re looking for an all-in-one outfit for the elderly woman in your life, a duster house dress is a great option.

Elastic Waist Skirt

If your loved one prefers skirts to dresses, then you should definitely consider getting her an elastic waist skirt in a flattering midi length. These skirts are simple to pull on and off and pair with a wide variety of shirts for endless outfit options. If a pull-on elastic skirt won’t work for her, we also sell other skirt designs, such as open-back wrap-around skirts that fasten with either Velcro or snaps. You can even buy one of each design so she can switch between them depending on the day.

Front-Closure Bra

Traditional underwire bras with closures in the back are already difficult to put on if you have full upper body mobility, and they’re practically impossible if you have arthritis or another condition that limits your range of motion. Thus, many older women prefer to switch to front closure bras that fasten in the front with snaps or hooks, which are easier to put on and take off with limited upper body mobility. You can also look into pull-on bras and camisoles, like our wire-free Breast Nest, which do away with fasteners altogether but do require more mobility to pull over your head.

Gifts for the Elderly Men

If you’re shopping for grandpa instead of grandma, here are our top sellers when it comes to gifts for elderly men:

Magnetic Closure “Button-Up” Shirts

Button-up shirts are a go-to uniform for many men, even after they retire and no longer have to go into the office or dress formally every day. Unfortunately, button closures are tricky for elderly men to operate if they have arthritis in their hands, leading many men to stop wearing their favorite button-down shirts. If this has happened to your elderly loved one, then he will definitely appreciate a magnetic “button-up” shirt with the magnetic closures discreetly hidden beneath the buttons. These shirts look exactly like traditional button-up shirts but are much easier to put on and take off since the magnets do all the work for you (and they are even machine washable!).

Magnetic Zipper Hoodie

A hoodie is the perfect casual layer to stay warm on a cool fall day, but some elderly men with arthritis struggle with pull-on styles, as well as zippered closures, making regular hoodies more hassle than they’re worth. Enter the magnetic zipper hoodie, a staple of our Men’s Adaptive Outerwear collection, which looks exactly like a traditional hoodie but features a zipper that snaps together when the magnets are held close enough. This means that they don’t have to try to thread the zipper together or pull a hoodie over their head — the magnets will do all the work for them. We also sell a women’s version of the hoodie, so be sure to check that out as well.

Open-Back Polo Shirts

Another classic clothing item for men is the polo shirt, but this pull-over style can be difficult for elderly men to wear, especially if they are in a wheelchair or have severe upper body limitations. If your grandpa or another senior loved one loves polo shirts, consider getting him some open-back shirts like a polo shirt made for assisted dressing. Simply slide his arms into the holes, and then secure the back zipper or discreet snaps at the shoulders and, finally, arrange the fabric panels so they fully overlap. From the front, it will look like a completely normal polo shirt, while being much easier to put on.

Adaptive Pants

While some men enjoy the freedom of a nightgown, many understandably want to wear pants, especially during the day. We offer a wide range of adaptive pants for elderly men to suit both assisted and self-dressing needs. Our adaptive styles range from elastic waist pull-on pants, side fastener pants, open-back pants, and even pants made specifically for wheelchair users.

The pants are available in many different styles and fabrics, including slacks, jeans, and sweatpants. Some of the pants also come with additional features, such as easy-grip tabs on the inside of the waistband and zippered ports at the bottom of the leg to allow for access to a catheter or another medical device.

Adaptive Undershirts

Undershirts are a staple of men’s wardrobes, making for the perfect layering piece, as well as a great pajama shirt. That’s why some of our top sellers for men are our 3-packs of men’s classic sleeveless white undershirts, which are available in sizes small to 3XL.

The undershirts come in a traditional pull-over style, as well as an adaptive open-back style that fastens at the shoulders with concealed snaps. The undershirts are made of a wrinkle-resistant blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton that will stay smooth under clothes while still being breathable, making for a thoughtful yet practical gift for elderly men.

Ready to get a jump-start on your holiday shopping and order gifts for the elderly in your life? At Silverts, we offer free shipping on all orders within the contiguous United States — not to mention that all orders over $100 get free rush shipping, so it’s definitely worth it to stock up at once. And with our 60-day easy return policy, you can rest easy knowing that you can make a return or exchange to ensure that your loved one gets the right color and size.