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Assisted Dressing
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Self Dressing
People who get dressed by themselves
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Easy-Dressing Nightshirts for Seniors

Getting ready for bed can be a challenge if you or a loved one struggles with limited mobility or dexterity issues. Thankfully, there are some great solutions to make getting into pajamas a bit easier, and it all starts with choosing adaptive night apparel. Silverts offers a wide variety of nightshirts for elderly men and women, those with multiple sclerosis, those who use wheelchairs and anyone who suffers from limited hand dexterity caused by the natural aging process.

Each adaptive nightshirt from Silverts is constructed with soft, comfortable materials safe for those with sensitive skin. Some also feature antimicrobial fabric to inhibit the growth of microbes that cause odors. They feature easy-access designs and eliminate frustrating closures, such as buttons and zippers, to make them more accessible for those at any age or ability. Features such as snaps at the shoulders and full back overlaps make these sleep shirts especially accommodating for those with limited upper arm mobility.

Elderly Sleepwear and Hospital Gowns

Discover men’s and women’s nightshirts and hospital gowns for any climate or sleep preference. Choose from long- and short-sleeve hospital gowns with longer silhouettes for comfort and privacy. In addition, we also carry an assortment of adaptive undershirts that are great for sleep. Each one features a unique open back design with straps at the shoulders to eliminate pressure points, reduce frustration and shorten dressing time. These garments are perfect for elderly loved ones, nursing home patients and medical facility use.

We design our adaptive sleepwear for elderly people and those with limited mobility, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come in styles that you’ll love. Shop options in a variety of fun and stylish designs to enhance your wardrobe!