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15 Adaptive Clothing Ideas to Try

15 Adaptive Clothing Ideas to Try

Want to learn more about adaptive clothing, but not sure where to start — or even what it means? While adaptive clothing is beginning to gain more mainstream attention, it’s still a relatively unknown niche in the fashion industry, and many people are unfamiliar with adaptive


How to Dress After Shoulder Surgery

a man at a Rheumatology consultation with a doctor

By Image Point Fr / Getting dressed after a shoulder surgery, or any kind of surgery that immobilizes your arm, can be a real challenge. In this quick guide, we offer six essential tips for getting dressed after shoulder surgery — from a one-handed dressing


How to Help Aging Parents Without Overstepping Boundaries

a group Portrait of a Happy multigenerational family sitting on a sofa

By vichie81 / Helping your aging parents just enough, but not too much, can make it tough to strike a balance that preserves your relationship and their independence as much as possible. If you’re not sure what to do, here are six ways to help


How to Put on Underwear After Hip Replacement

Happy senior woman in a hospital bed with a doctor looking at a hip replacement x-ray

By Spotmatik Ltd / Putting on any kind of lower body clothing, including underwear, is difficult after a hip replacement. In fact, some people decide that it’s not worth the hassle and end up going commando! If that doesn’t sound comfortable to you, don’t worry


Fun Activities for Older Adults with Dementia

Fun Activities for Older Adults with Dementia

Over 55 million people worldwide have dementia, so the odds are very high that you already know someone who has it or is going to develop it sooner or later. Even if your elderly loved ones never fully develop dementia, some level of memory loss


Best Gifts for Grandpa

grandfather and granddaughter eating ice cream

By LightField Studios / Dads always get a lot of attention on Father’s Day, which is June 19 this year. While this is totally understandable, you shouldn’t forget about grandpa either! We know that choosing gifts for grandparents can be tough since they often have


12 Gift Ideas for an Older Dad You Should Consider

smiling father carrying son on back

By Rido / With Father’s Day coming up on June 19, many people are shopping for last minute gifts for their dads. If your dad is getting on in years, but is still young at heart, then consider these gift ideas for older dads —


When Is Grandparents’ Day? 8 Ways to Celebrate

grandfather carrying grandson on back

By Monkey Business Images / Not that you need an excuse to celebrate grandparents, but Grandparents' Day is as good a reason as any to visit your family and spend quality time together. Read on to discover when grandparents will be celebrated this year and


Hot Weather Safety Tips for Older Adults

Hot Weather Safety Tips for Older Adults

Seniors’ bodies don’t cope as well with heat as younger people’s bodies do, making them more vulnerable to all sorts of heat-related illnesses. With summer coming up soon, we’re shining a light on the potential hazards of the hotter months and talking about what older


5 Options for Elderly Care at Home

Portrait of an african young nurse helping old elderly disable man grandfather to walk using walker equipment in the bedroom. Senior patient of nursing home moving with walking frame and nurse support

By Inside Creative House/ While living facilities for seniors are a great option for some, many elderly people understandably want to age in place. However, many seniors still need some kind of assistance, even if they are still living at home. Here are five options for