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How to Keep Elderly Warm With Adaptive Clothing

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Wintertime can be challenging for the elderly population. As we age, our metabolic system slows, as does our circulation. This leads to less blood flow moving throughout our bodies and inevitably our extremities — such as hands and feet, arms and legs — feel colder faster. Coupled with the winter months, elderly loved ones need warm clothes, socks, and even heating devices to stay healthy.

 Clothing plays an integral role in protecting the aging population during the colder months. Many caregivers focus on ensuring their loved ones are dressed warmly for outings, such as with a heavy winter coat and proper hat. Yet many people do not realize the garments worn underneath these outer layers can be just as important, whether or not they are heading outside.

Drafty doors and windows are enough to send a chill up anyone’s spine. Learn how to keep elderly warm and comfortable this winter with Silverts Adaptive’s coziest items.

Top layer

Layering up has been an age-old practice for people who are venturing out onto ski hills, as well as those who are staying in and warming up by the living room fire. Silverts Women’s Ultra Plush Shawl is the perfect outfit topper for such occasions, whether it is for someone who is relaxing on the couch or using the shawl as an additional layer before the winter parka goes on.This super soft plush open vest is made with outer Sherpa fabric and a delicate satin inner lining for a touch of luxury. The plush shawl is also ideal for those with limited arm dexterity and features two convenient pockets to store your belongings. The heavy weight of this shawl also creates an added level of comfort and security. Because it is so easy to put on and take off, it’s the perfect aid to help your loved one maintain their desired body temperature.

Silverts Women’s Ultra Plush Shawl is available in three colors and fits perfectly over our Women’s No Peek Open Back Flannel Nightgown, as well as numerous other layering garments, to create the perfect cozy look and feel.

Flannel loungewear

Silverts Women’s No Peek Open Back Flannel Nightgown is Silverts heavier weight mid-length flannel nightgown that provides added warmth with a soft, thick flannel full back overlap. This adaptive sleep gown offers complete comfort and discretion, unlike traditional tie back hospital gowns. The closures are placed on the shoulders to avoid any pressure points and maintain the utmost comfort for your loved one.

Due to the adaptive design, these open back adaptive hospital nightdresses are also terrific for elderly people who are disabled or wheelchair dependent. This cozy selection is available in a variety of colorful patterns and looks, perfect to match any mood.

Silverts Men’s Flannel Hospital & Home Care Gown is another fantastic warmer and thicker flannel option and is great for sleeping or lounging.

These warm men’s gowns completely open up, allowing the person’s arms to slide into the garment sleeves without needing to raise or lower their arms. The back overlap is then folded over and domed/snapped into place.

This Silverts nightgown is also available in a variety of colors and patterns. These sleep gowns —sometimes known as Johnny shirts —make the perfect gift.

Another bonus feature helping to propel this gown a top seller: It is made of machine washable warm cotton flannelette (100 per cent cotton) ensuring easy home or industrial washing. Yes, please!

Personal care

Bathing during colder months creates an added hurdle as disrobing in cooler air can become more uncomfortable for some people. Silverts Men’s & Women’s Terry Shower Bath Cape is a quick and convenient way to provide an extra level of care for your loved one.

Plush Terry Shower Capes are a must-have for after-bath warmth and discretion. The extra-long back offers full coverage as well as a cozy hood to help create extra heat and comfort. This adaptive cape is machine washable and is a terrific option for elderly people or those who are disabled and wheelchair dependent.

Toasty feet

Whether you’re fresh from the bath or nestled under a blanket, keeping feet warm is a must. Because the older population is already susceptible to reduced circulation that affects the extremities, it is imperative to focus on keeping your loved one’s feet warm.

Silverts Non-Skid Hospital Socks are the perfect gift all year round. These plush non-slip socks for elderly ( are created equally for men and women and are made with irresistible skid and slip resistant socks with treads or grips (rubber gripper socks) and are also safe for wheelchair transfers.

These thick, plush socks are one of Silverts top Caregiver Trusted products. They are also used in hospitals because of the unique grips on the bottom of these slipper socks. Nursing homes promote the use of Silverts Non-Skid Hospital Socks because of the non-slip resistant soles to help prevent elderly falls.

These non-skid socks are the perfect stocking stuffer or gift topper. These cozy and warm socks are available in a variety of colors, as well as in a six-pack option or solo purchase.

Outer layers

The final outer layer is the attire that most people think of when it comes to dressing warm. Now that we have discussed Silverts top-rated coziest layers and pieces, we are ready for outwear.

Silverts Men’s Magnetic Closure Sherpa Shacket with Detachable Hood creates a warming effect throughout the wearer’s body. The heavier weight of this shacket creates extra warmth for the wearer. The canvas-like twill exterior also boasts a soft, plush Sherpa lining for total comfort and the extra-deep pockets offer personal storage for a day’s outing or relaxing at home.

This shacket also has magnetic closures to create an easy dressing solution whether this is worn by someone dressing themselves or is being helped with caregiver-assistance. (Disclaimer: Magnetic closures may interfere with implanted medical devices, including pacemakers. Consult a physician before wearing.)

Another customer favorite is Silverts Women’s Magnetic Button Front Shacket. This stylish item has been one of Silverts most sought after products since it first hit the Fall 2023 catalog.

The modern design and color make this cozy Sherpa jacket on-trend with the season’s most popular designs. Available in three color variations and designed with handy pockets to store personal belongings, this 100 per cent polyester Sherpa is designed with a satin lining to create the coziest experience.

Decorative buttons with magnetic closures reduce dressing time as well as provide adaptive dressing features for users who have limited dexterity. (Disclaimer: Magnetic closures may interfere with implanted medical devices, including pacemakers. Consult a physician before wearing.)

 Bundle up

The cold months and darker days last longer than we would like. Ensuring that your elderly parent or elderly relative are properly dressed for the cooler elements will create a more comfortable experience for the wearer, as well as a more successful caregiving experience.

Silverts has many cold weather items in addition to those featured here. Please visit to view the entire collection and find your loved ones the perfect gift for the season.

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