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5 Multiple Sclerosis Self-Care Tips for Adults

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic and disabling disease. It is estimated there are now more than 2.8 million people living with this chronic condition globally, a number that has increased annually since 2013.

MS symptoms and disease progression vary with changing attacks that often advance over time. While there is no cure for this disease, medical intervention combined with self-care practices can enhance overall well-being and comfort of those who are living with MS.

Creating a healthy environment for the mind and body can help to ease MS symptoms and support recovery from attacks.

Here are 5 multiple sclerosis self-care tips to incorporate in daily life:


 One of the most significant multiple sclerosis self-care tips is getting adequate rest. The benefits of sleep are plentiful. This is especially true when your body is working overtime, as it does with chronic disease.

 Patients who live with MS often suffer from muscle spasms and discomfort, skin sensations, frequent urination and more, which can cause nighttime sleep disruption.

 Dressing in proper sleepwear can help to keep you more comfortable at night. Women’s adaptive sleepwear and men’s adaptive sleepwear can help reduce strain when getting dressed and keep you or a loved one more comfortable throughout the night, which can lead to better sleep.

 These open-front underwear also provide next-level self-care with a discreet absorbent layer and may help with frequent night-waking.


Remember, rest is necessary to your mental health. For multiple sclerosis self-care, this rest should also be frequent throughout the day with dedicated times.

 Stay cozy and offer your body additional comfort in plush, easy-dressing solutions. Women’s Extra Extra Wide Easy Closure Slippers and Men’s Soft Wide Adjustable Slippers will give you warmth, support, and easy closures for either self- or assisted dressing.

Loungewear such as this Men’s Magnetic-Zipper Hoodie with Pockets is a great choice for people living with MS as it is designed to support limited hand dexterity while providing the comfort of a go-to favorite hoodie.

These Women’s Open-Back Fleece Pants (available in Men’s too) are made for supreme lounging and long-lasting comfort.


Even when faced with fatigue, exercising is a top priority for self-care when living with multiple sclerosis. It’s a common self-care tip for seniors and older adults as the aging process limits mobility.

Dressing for movement, whether it is a seated chair yoga session or a walk through your neighborhood, will help boost mood and keep you comfortable.

Our Women’s Open Back Active Capri Pant and Women’s Open Back Active Crew Neck are a favorite workout outfit so you can look good and feel good.


Another important self-care tip for those who are living with MS is to remain socially active. Loneliness has been proven to be detrimental to mental and physical health.

Don’t be held back by your wardrobe. Our multiple sclerosis clothing collection features self-dressing and assisted dressing designs that provides beautiful fashion options whether you are meeting a friend for lunch or heading to a party.

You can dress up items like our Men’s Adaptive Open Back Polo Shirt for a dinner out or pair with these Men’s Easy Touch Side Closure Fleece for a more casual affair.

These open-back tops also offer comfort, ease and in-season looks to have you feeling good.


Natural light has been effectively proven to boost mood. While the winter months may not be as enticing to head outdoors, getting outside at least once a day is an important step in self-care for multiple sclerosis.

Don’t be held back by frustrating zippers or snaps. Silverts has created magnetic zipper and button closures to keep effort low and quality of life high.

Our Women’s Magnetic Button Front Shacket has been a top seller since it came to market. The easy-dressing and plush feel ensure an instant mood boost before the fresh air even hits your face.

Don’t forget layers to keep you comfortable. This Women’s and Men’s Wheelchair Blanket is definitely a cooler-weather favorite, too.

While MS does present daily challenges, and is experienced differently by each person, creating a self-care routine can positively boost your daily mood.Visit for more ideas.

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