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5 Gifts for Older Adults This Holiday Season

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Don’t fret, Silverts has you covered with the best gifts to give your elderly loved ones.

The leaves are falling, sweaters are being adorned and pumpkin spice lattes are being consumed in nearly every coffee shop. If you love celebrating the holidays like we do, now is the perfect time to get a head start on your holiday gift list.

Holiday gifting and shopping can be a stressful time, especially if you leave it to the last minute. An earlier start to shopping offers a chance to score better deals, ensure preferred items are in stock and also avoid rushed shipping charges. You also get to avoid those packed malls and hangry shoppers!

So, where to start? Read our holiday gift guide to help kick off your list of best gifts for seniors – grandparents, aging parents, and loved ones with mobility issues. Our mission is to provide easy dressing solutions for older parents and people with mobility issues. 

In honor of the holidays, we have compiled our own list of great gift ideas and top products for the giving season.

Cushion those feet

Wintertime often means spending a lot of time indoors, whether you are snuggling under a blanket staying warm or reading a book by the fire. Help your loved one stay extra cozy with our extra-wide slippers for men and women with easy closures. Available in multiple colors, these shoes for elderly swollen feet are designed to reduce falls with slip-resistant bottoms ensuring a safer (and warmer) experience for your loved one.

The extra-wide and easy-to-put-on design is the perfect gift for people with edema, diabetes, bunions, hammer toes and other podiatry concerns.

Ensure nighttime comfort

Cold winter nights are perfect for Silverts nightgowns. We understand that each body has different needs, as well as comforts. If your family member needs help dressing, open-back nightgowns are perfect for making nighttime prep an easy solution. These nightgowns feature a discreet and generous back overlap for additional coverage with snap closure at each shoulder for caregivers to easily secure this garment.

Self-dressing nightgowns are another great choice for those friends or family members who are able to dress on their own but benefit from a more adaptive fit, such as with extra stretch, open necklines and tear-away sleeves that provide easy access for PICC Lines and other devices. They’re also a great gift idea for those who need post-surgical recovery wear. 

Easy to wear undergarments

Let’s be honest, finding the right fit for undergarments is a challenge. This is especially true for those people who experience mobility issues.

Silverts has designed adaptive bras that are especially made for people with reduced arm mobility. This Women’s Adaptive Front Snap Closure Bra offers complete independence, pride and dignity for senior women with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, a torn rotator cuff, post-surgery, limited upper arm mobility or those who are simply looking for all-day comfort. The front opening of this garment ensures wearers don’t have to contort or lift their arms uncomfortably to put on this bra. The design features four easy-close snaps in front for ease of dressing and offers gentle but firm support.

Another great option for adaptive bras is this Easy Touch Front Closure Bra, available in cup sizes A-D. This bra is underwire-free making it comfortable for all day wear. The easy touch front closure is fuss-free, which enables the bra to be fastened with just a touch of the hand — making it perfect for self-dressing or assisted-dressing options. The hook and eye mechanism works like a lock preventing any curling up or disengaging of the bra, as well as eliminates struggling with tiny clasps. Customers who have had lumpectomies and pacemakers swear by this product.

Bonus gifting with accessories

Accessories are a perfect add-on to any gift. Our top pick for gifting season is non-slip socks for elderly. Available in a multi-colored 6-pack, these socks provide warmth and comfort while reducing falls on slippery floors. Originally designed for a hospital setting but have found popularity in house settings as well, these socks also double as slippers thanks to their extreme plush and comforting design.  Hospitals favor these socks because of the grips on the bottom of the slipper socks, while nursing homes promote the use of socks with non-slip resistant soles to help prevent elderly resident falls. Top off your holiday gifts with this 6-pack and you’ll become a family favorite.

Bundle up with bundles

‘Tis the season for layering up to stay warm. We have made holiday gifting even easier by creating bundles with Silverts’ most popular products. From top and shirt bundles, to sleepwear and accessory bundles, to outfit solution bundles, Silverts has you covered. We make gift giving easy with a vast selection of clothing choices to help you find a stylish and practical gift.

Warmth of the season

No matter what gift you decide to give, the most important takeaway from the season is togetherness. Silverts wishes you and your families a very loving and enjoyable holiday season!

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