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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: 12 Unique Ideas for Mom’s Special Day

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With Mother’s Day 2024 approaching fast, it’s never too early to figure out what the right Mother’s Day gifts for elderly moms will be this year. It’s always nice to treat mom to a thoughtful gift, a hand made card or to get her something she always wanted. We put on our thinking caps and curated a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas to make gift buying and gift-giving easy for you. You could be a daughter or a son looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to express your love and affection. You could be a grandchild looking for a the best gift for their grandma. There is something for everyone and almost all suggestions can be part of Mother’s Day activity ideas.

What do you get an Elderly Mother for Mother’s Day?

Customized Bracelet

Your elderly mom or grandmother would love this thoughtful gift. A customized or personalized gift always means you put in the effort and thought to think about what to get for you. Etsy is great for buying customized gifts. You can browse through the profiles of different online sellers on Etsy and choose that one design that you think your mother would love. You can have her name customized in different lettering designs. Customizable and personalized often also means you can continually add to it with additional charms or beads.

Stylish Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing with open back functionality doesn’t need to be boring, and in fact makes for a great gift idea. Pair style with functional adaptive features like magnetic closures, open back snaps, side open pants and you get comfortable clothing options that are great for parents or senior grandparents who suffer from arthritis pain.Does your family member have any mobility problems? On difficult days when they are experiencing joint pains or stiffness, open-back tops can be just what they need. An open-back top eliminates having to put anything over their head. If your loved one is wheelchair-bound, adaptive clothing can help the daily struggle of getting dressed.

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If they have help getting dressed in the morning, it will make daily stressing go more smoothly. If your mom or loved one wore dresses all their lives, open-back dresses are the perfect transition item. This open-back design allows them to stay in a seated or lying down position, but they can still wear dresses. When people move to wheelchair mobility, it restricts them from doing many things. Give them clothing that they can still wear with ease. It will make them feel more comfortable mentally.

With easy dressing solutions, your elderly parents won’t be struggling with button closures or narrow neck openings. With the new spring collection in stock now, you can gift your mother gorgeous colors and prints that are perfect for the new season.


Does your elderly mom love books? If she doesn’t own an e-reader, this could be the best Mother’s Day gift for her.  With various options like Kobo, Kindle, and a lightweight Amazon tablet, you can give her the gift that she will love. If she already owns an e-reader you can give her a gift card so she can download what she wants to read. Or how about an e-reader pillow stand? These comfortable and easy to use stands will free up her hands and she can rest her e-reader, iPad or tablet on it and read with ease.

Cozy Sleeping and Lounge Essentials

When your mother puts her feet up and relaxes with her book, a fleece bed jacket will provide some added comfort and might be the perfect gift. A pretty throw will keep her warm during chilly evenings. This blanket can be a nice cozy decoration to their room. It’s a great way to personalize their room. Get them a nice fuzzy blanket that’s their favorite color or that has a favorite animal on it. This is a great way to make them feel more at home while keeping them warm during the winter season. If they are wheelchair-bound, this could be a wheelchair friendly blanket.

Watercolor Portrait

A handmade watercolor portrait is one of the best gift ideas. There are painters and artists on Etsy that create customized paintings. You could get a portrait made by sending them a picture. Some people love getting pet portraits made. They prove to be cool gifts for moms who consider their furry friend like members of the family! Do you like painting or sketching? You can create a Mother’s Day project yourself and give her a family portrait that you have made.

Massager for neck and back

This gift could give your mom spa-like vibes at home. She gets to feel relaxed with a hand-held massager that’s great for the neck or back. Hand-held massagers are lightweight, they come with adjustable speeds and allow for easy storage as well. This gift could give your mom spa-like vibes at home. She gets to feel relaxed with a hand-held massager that’s great for neck or back. Hand-held massagers are lightweight, they come with adjustable speeds and allow for easy storage as well.

Weighted Blanket

If you think your mother will like the weighted blanket as a gift this would be the time to consider buying it. Weighted blankets are fast becoming popular because they seem to have a calming effect leading to a decrease in stress and anxiety. The general rule of the thumb is to go for 10% of your body weight. There are different sizes and weights you can choose from so check the size, weight, material, and price before you decide to get one!

Comfortable Slippers

Comfortable slippers aren’t only a great gift, but a practical gift as well. Who doesn’t like footwear that brings comfort, ease, and safe mobility? The best choice for moms in nursing homes or those at home is slip-resistant or anti-slip footwear. They are not just comfortable but safe as well. Slip resistant shoes prevent the chances of accidental slips or falls. These bedroom slippers by Silvert’s are terrific for seniors and elderly in home care or nursing home settings.

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Handmade Card

When you are at loss for words, handmade cards can convey your feelings and make for a unique gift. There are many ways to start your own DIY mothers day cards. You can find some inspiration on Pinterest or create it on your own by sketching or painting. Or you could cut out a flowerpot card and paint/ color it yourself. This could be a great Mother’s Day gift idea for your mom, grandma, mother-in-law or any motherly figure in your life. Include a Mother’s Day prayer in the card to convey your affection and good wishes.

Set of floral mugs

Whether your mom loves to read, do some gardening, a beautiful set of floral mugs will make her smile. She can use these mugs for her teatime indoors or outdoors.Is your mother fond of a particular flower?You can find a suitable choice of mugs for her from the wide variety that’s available online. You could always pair the set of mugs with a gorgeous flower arrangement and have them delivered as Mother’s Day Flowers with a card.

Shared Art Journal

The benefit of a shared art journal is that you and your mom can collectively share favorite or cherished memories, pictures, artwork, or any other memory that stands up. This is a great keepsake for later discussions or family gatherings. A shared art journal can also be the place where you sketch, draw or paint as a team or save some Mother’s Day special recipes.

Book Light

Whether your mom is in a nursing care facility or at home, book lights are always practical because they make reading easier. All the top lights for reading in bed come with a clip that can be clipped on to the book. The book lights also come with different light settings so your elderly loved one can adjust the light according to their preference. A lot of people are reading in quarantine and this could be a great gift to make reading easier for mom or it could be a practical Mother’s Day gift for grandma.

Have You Considered a Care Package?

During this challenging time of physical distancing and quarantine, you can also create a care package for mom. Here are some care package ideas and you can always pick and choose items based on the priority list:

  • Lip balm
  • Moisturizers
  • Hand creams
  • Notebook
  • Soft towel
  • Toiletry set
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Pill organizers
  • Hand warmers

Now that we have gifts for dad covered, it’s time to find out about the best Mother’s day gifts for elderly moms!


  • Marc says:

    What a great article, I’m really glad I stumbled across it as I found it to be really informative. A good article on mothers day gift is not that easy to find but I’m amazed at how you touched on all the corners and how brief and to the point it was. I personally liked the hand made card idea. I highly recommend checking out twent3 for mothers day gift and cards, as I’ve used them on several occasions and the cards they produce are really unique and also customized in 3d. So if you want to gift a birthday card to your friends, loved ones or even just for yourself, I can assure you these greeting cards will keep your long-lasting memories alive with the clever lenticular lens they use.

  • Elena says:

    Great post! I like your ideas, and my mom loves coffee a lot so I was planning to give her a coffee basket which includes coffee pods, coffee mugs, etc. I hope she loves it. Along with it I think handmade cards will work great. Thanks for sharing.

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