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Family Activities to Do with Grandparents During the Holidays

happy family portrait in dining room

By LightField Studios / As we head into the latter half of the year, holidays will begin showing up in quick succession, which is why it’s a smart idea to have an advance plan for what family activities you can do with the grandparents. Your


How to Help Aging Parents Without Overstepping Boundaries

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By vichie81 / Helping your aging parents just enough, but not too much, can make it tough to strike a balance that preserves your relationship and their independence as much as possible. If you’re not sure what to do, here are six ways to help


How to Put on Underwear After Hip Replacement

Happy senior woman in a hospital bed with a doctor looking at a hip replacement x-ray

By Spotmatik Ltd / Putting on any kind of lower body clothing, including underwear, is difficult after a hip replacement. In fact, some people decide that it’s not worth the hassle and end up going commando! If that doesn’t sound comfortable to you, don’t worry


When Is Grandparents’ Day? 8 Ways to Celebrate

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By Monkey Business Images / Not that you need an excuse to celebrate grandparents, but Grandparents' Day is as good a reason as any to visit your family and spend quality time together. Read on to discover when grandparents will be celebrated this year and


Hot Weather Safety Tips for Older Adults

Hot Weather Safety Tips for Older Adults

Seniors’ bodies don’t cope as well with heat as younger people’s bodies do, making them more vulnerable to all sorts of heat-related illnesses. With summer coming up soon, we’re shining a light on the potential hazards of the hotter months and talking about what older


How Can We Enhance Elderly People’s Lives?

how can we enhance elderly peoples lives

There’s no denying that the modern world isn’t designed for elderly people and often ignores their needs. Thus, it takes some individual initiative to enhance the lives of your loved ones and really help them achieve their greatest quality of life. Here are 17 things


Mother’s Day: A Gift Guide

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the women in your life that are always there for you, in mind, spirit and soul. But what do you get the one that gave you everything? As a woman gets older, shopping on her own can be


32 Things That Are Useful for the Elderly

32 Things That Are Useful for the Elderly

Modern life isn’t designed for the elderly, but thankfully there are many exciting hacks and devices that make it possible to navigate daily life independently. In this guide, we’ll cover 32 things that are useful for the elderly. While this list may seem comprehensive, there


Easy Access and Comfortable Clothes for Elderly Men

Older man standing in home front hall doing up jacket.

As you age, your mobility and needs change, necessitating wardrobe changes every so often. Indeed, many older adults find “regular” clothing uncomfortable to wear and difficult to get into. Thankfully, there is a lot of adaptive clothing for men out there that is designed specifically