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A buying guide for wheelchair clothing

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Getting dressed and ready for each day can be a struggle for people with mobility issues. For some wheelchair users, this daily task can feel even more daunting.

Adaptive clothing that is designed for wheelchair users makes dressing more accessible and comfortable for those who are self-dressing as well as using caregiver-assisted dressing options.

Benefits of wheelchair designed garments

Conventional clothing is designed for upright standing and movement throughout the day. For example, a traditional pair of jeans is designed with a stiff waistband, rigid button or zipper closure, and pockets made with thick seems that can be felt while sitting. Each of these classic features become uncomfortable when sitting for long periods of time (not to mention the challenge of getting these pants on as a wheelchair user).

Silverts has created a line of products that are designed specifically with wheelchair users in mind. While each user’s needs vary and may require products specific to someone’s individual experience, Silverts adaptive clothing’s wheelchair line is designed to be available to all wheelchair users.

Modesty and comfort at heart

The last thing anyone wants when dressing is to feel uncomfortable. Silverts has taken extra care in product design to ensure wheelchair garments provide full coverage where necessary.

For example, Silverts wheelchair trousers are designed with two overlapping back panels in the back to ensure maximum coverage from behind, while maintaining complete modesty (including during wheelchair transfers) thanks to the adjustable middle straps.

For ease of dressing, a caregiver can simply snap the generous overlap into place finding what is most comfortable for the wearer. This allows the person who is being dressed to be completely covered without ever needing to stand.

Pants that are designed to be dressed from a seated position, such as these Women’s Wheelchair Cotton Capris Pants and Men’s Open Back Cotton Trouser Pant, are equipped with special features that are designed with wheelchair users in mind.

Denim has been a classic American favourite since mid-century. Silverts has created the traditional jean complete with beltloops to maintain the classic look while facilitating easy dressing, too. Wheelchair Jeans for Men with High Back Rise are cleverly designed to contour with the body while seated.

Helpful easy waistbands

OK, let’s talk waistbands. As mentioned earlier, constricting waistbands can become quite uncomfortable when sitting for long periods. Over time, this discomfort can lead to chafing and other discomforts.

Silverts has designed pants with soft, expandable waistbands, such as Silverts Post Surgery Multi-Zip Recovery Pant. The expanding waistband allows the wearer or caregiver to easily pull on the pants over the wearer’s legs with minimal contact as the fabric can stretch over the body’s contours.

For self-dressing options, products such as these Men’s Easy Grip Pull on Cargo Pants have a zippered fly and elastic waist. These features provide the wearer with complete dignity thanks to a high contoured full coverage back with no added bulk. With wide side grips on each pant side, the wearer can pull up these pants independently. This easy-on and easy-off dressing provides confidence and independence—and that can never be overlooked.

Streamlined pockets

Each of Silverts wheelchair pants are created with thoughtful pocket placement and design. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have a thick seem digging into your legs all day. No thank you! To avoid this, Silverts created flat lay seems and large flap pockets for easy access while using a wheelchair.

For example, these Men’s Easy Grip Pull on Cargo Pants are designed with a large flap cargo pocket with an additional hidden change pocket for easy seated access.

Easy outerwear

Winter garments can often be heavy and bulky. For wheelchair users, neither of these features are particularly comfortable to wear.

Silverts has designed oversized and looser-fitting outerwear garments to offer comfort, warmth and easy dressing solutions to those people who rely on wheelchairs.

For transitional seasons or as a layering piece, the Warm Wheelchair Cape for Women & Men with Hood provides supreme warmth and comfort with a design that can be used for both self-dressing and caregiver-assisted dressing. The lightweight material is designed to keep the wearer warm in cool temperatures without the feeling of heaviness or bulkiness of a traditional winter coat. The poncho-style cape is also designed with durable water-resistant material and a plush pile lining to keep the wearer dry and comfortable even in those cool fall rains.

Length of garments

Something else to note when shopping for wheelchair clothing is the garment’s length. Clothing designed for wheelchair use are made with shorter back lengths. This is hugely beneficial as the adapted style ensures the garment will not get caught in the wheels.

Silverts adaptive clothing makes this feature a top priority for the company’s wheelchair garments. Outerwear styles such as Silverts Luxurious Fur-Lined Winter Wheelchair Cape for Women, Wheelchair Cape with Hood – Women & Men and Cozy Fleece Pocket Capes for Women are all created with a shorter back length to provide the desired comfort and warmth without the danger of being tangled in the wheelchair.

Formal occasion looks

For those attending special events or outings, Silverts has you covered. Open back dresses, such as Women’s Stylish Color Block Open Back Dress, Women’s Open Back Sweater Knit Dress Diamond Necklace and Attractive Adaptive Wheelchair Dress which come in multiple colour options, are a great choice for those experiencing lowered upper arm mobility. The full back overlap ensures complete modesty, and the easy closures provide secured snaps at the shoulders to eliminate pressure points.

Silverts Women’s Open Back Collared Top, Men’s Adaptive Open Back Polo Shirt with Long Sleeves and Men’s Classic Open Back Short Sleeve Polo Shirt are also designed for those people experiencing lowered upper arm mobility. These styles also boast a full back overlap and secured shoulder snaps to provide a confident fit and eliminate pressure points. These styles can be used as self-dressing and caregiver-assisted dressing options.

Accessories to love

For those who experience frequent cold feet, easy-on durable options are a must-have. Silverts Extra Wide Adjustable Foot Protectors are designed with easy touch closures that allow the boot to be  easily fastened. The easy touch Velcro strips provide personal adjustment sizing so the wearer can be as comfortable as possible. After all, each body is different and requires different care. This product is designed only for ambulating and should only be used while sitting or lying down.

Staying warm is often a priority for wheelchair users, especially as the cooler months are upon us. Silverts has created the Women’s & Men’s Stay on Wheelchair Blanket. This reversible lap robe has a dome on each side that snaps into place on the wheelchair handles to keep the blanket in place. As this garment is designed specifically with wheelchair users in mind, there is no bulky overflow material that risks bunching, being caught in wheels or slipping off the wearer and falling to the ground. A product bonus we love with this blanket is the oversized hand pocket patch on the robe for easy hand warming and coziness. Another feature? The robe also provides additional coverage for skirts or dresses that are more likely to shift while sitting.

Staying dry is as important as staying warm. For wheelchair users who experience incontinence or leakage, Silverts Reusable Waterproof Seat Protector is designed with a multi-layer soaker to enhance absorbency against leakage and a waterproof bottom layer to provide protection against both the wheelchair and user. The machine washable and quick dry features help reduce waste and save money, too.

Living life to the fullest

At Silverts, we aim to provide products that enhance daily living and offer the elderly and people with mobility issues the necessary apparels to live their best lives. These wheelchair-designed products help people live independently longer with stress-free dressing and garments that mimic the look of traditional clothing but with hidden adaptive features. Caregivers are also given the same confidence with ease of dressing and reduction in injury or discomfort to their patients. Reduce dressing time, enhance confidence and provide additional confidence with Silverts.

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