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Essential Nursing Home Clothing for Men

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Silvert’s has been working with nursing homes and long-term care facilities since we started developing adaptive clothing.  We have collaborated with various healthcare professionals and caregivers to develop and refine our products to make dressing less of a challenge.  This enables us to create clothing which provides maximum benefits to the wearer.

While all adaptive clothing will benefit the wearer, starting with these basic items will ensure significant improvements in daily routines.  Less pain when dressing, lowered strain on the caregiver, and more comfort are all ensured.  Over time, these benefits add up to have a tremendous impact on the quality of life of a resident.  This is why we consider these items essential. Adaptive Clothing can be incredibly helpful to both dressers that dress themselves independently as well as those that need assisted dressing.

Independent Dressing Clothing:

Magnetic Dress Shirt

Our magnetic dress shirt combines the best of style and functionality. The hidden magnetic snaps are easy to do up and stay in place throughout the day.  If your loved one struggles with buttons but doesn’t want help when getting dressed, this classic button up shirt is the perfect solution. It allows a senior to remain independent when dressing for longer.

Elastic Waist Pants

elastic waist pants
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One of our best-selling products is our Rugger Pant. The elasticized waist band creates an easy and adjustable fit.  Weight fluctuations are extremely common as men age, and these pants accommodate these changes with ease.  They are perfect for casual wear or even paired with our magnetic shirt for more formal occasions.

Open Side Pants

Adaptive open side pants
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These handsome gaberdine open side pants are perfect for both independent and assisted dressing. Zippers and buttons are replaced with adjustable fastenings on both sides of the pant. Gaberdine material gives the look of a dress pant but will withstand all industrial washing. Throw them in the dryer and they will come out looking as good as they went going in! No dry cleaning necessary.

Assisted Dressing:

Adaptive Open Back Polo Shirt

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This adaptive open back polo is a true staple in skilled nursing facilities. Perfect for anyone who experiences pain in their upper body when dressing. The adaptive open back polo opens up completely, allowing the shirt to be put on without having to lift your arms. This polo is the perfect solution for limited arm mobility issues or contracted residents.  Our polo shirt is made of quality polyester to withstand the rigors of industrial washing.

Men’s Hospital Gown

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Our nightgowns offer discretion and comfort that you can’t find with regular hospital gowns. The back of the garment fully overlaps ensuring the wearer’s backside will never be exposed. With snaps that are placed strategically on the shoulders, there will be no pressure points for the resident when they sleep. The snaps are secured on the shoulders and will reduce pressure points or any rubbing throughout the night.

Open Back Under-vest

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Silvert’s designed our under-vest to replace traditional undershirts.   It fits exactly the same except is modified with back snaps to make it easier to wear for those with limited mobility. Three packs are available to get the best deal on an every day item.

Open Back Pants

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Men’s adaptive open back pants open completely in the back so that the resident can stay seated or in a reclined position while dressing. This is incredibly helpful for nurses or support workers that help your loved one every morning in dressing. It allows them to put clothing on more efficiently and causing less pain to your loved one.

Adaptive Footwear:

Extra Wide Slippers

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Silvert’s best-selling extra wide slippers are the perfect start. If your loved experiences even occasional swelling, they will love these slippers.  They open up completely and can accommodate any level of swelling. Along with the extra wide opening, these shoes have an slip-resistant sole that is required in most long term care facilities. Check out these slippers along with many other slipper options at Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing & Footwear.

Non-Skid Socks

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Perfect for those slippery floors in facilities, non-skid socks give your loved ones a little more security and traction. Our signature socks are stretchable to accommodate swelling and soft to keep residents cozy. These socks will keep everyone safe during nightly trips to the bathroom. Allowing the wearer to put the socks on before bed, and if they wake up, they no longer have to struggle putting on shoes or slippers while they are tired.

Extra Wide Shoes

Adaptive Adjustable men's shoe
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Often in Long Term Care environments, resident’s are required to wear footwear at all times, whether they are in their room or the dining hall. Give your loved one the choice between slippers around their room and shoes for outside in the halls or if they leave the facility for a day trip. This will give them the support they need but with the comfort and ease of putting them on.

Designed with their exact needs in mind, these essentials have residents covered from head to toe in clothing that is not only comfortable, but extremely functional. Adaptive Clothing is designed to keep the residents more independent for longer. Once they can no longer remain independent assisted dressing options will allow them to dress with the least amount of stress and pain.


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