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16 Best Gifts for Stroke Victims

16 Best Gifts for Stroke Victims
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Having a stroke is a major health injury that can significantly impact a person’s daily living. If your loved one or family member has recently suffered a stroke and is currently recovering from it, then you have probably realized that ordinary gift ideas aren’t usually at all helpful for stroke victims. Instead, you should tailor your shopping list to include the best gifts for stroke victims to ensure that you are giving them a gift they can truly benefit from. Without further ado, here are 16 gift ideas to inspire your shopping, from the best clothes for stroke patients to anti-tremor cutlery:

Adaptive Clothing

Getting dressed can be very difficult for stroke victims or stroke survivors, especially if they have lost mobility on one side of their body. Adaptive clothing designs make it easier for stroke victims to both dress themselves or be dressed by other people, depending on the style of garments that you choose. Adaptive clothing is also made of soft, sensory-friendly fabric to help them stay comfortable during long days recovering in bed. This is one of the best gifts for stroke victims as it improves daily life while they are healing.

We also sell premium fabric hospital gowns that overlap completely in the back for modesty if your loved one is still staying in the hospital for the time being. Browse the Silverts online store today to see all our adaptive clothing options and find the perfect gift for stroke victims, or learn more about what adaptive clothing is in our guide.

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Hospital Socks

Contrary to the name, hospital socks are an awesome gift for stroke victims regardless of whether or not they are still in the hospital. These socks are made from a cozy material that will keep their feet warm and help to regulate their body temperature. The socks also have rubber grips attached to the bottom, which helps to keep the wearer steady on their feet and prevent trip-and-fall accidents. 

We especially recommend wearing hospital socks to bed so one does not have to worry about finding and putting on shoes in case of a midnight bathroom run. This affordable and practical gift makes a great stocking stuffer for any stroke survivor or can be paired with adaptive clothing for women to make a complete outfit.

Non-Skid Slippers

While hospital socks are an awesome gift, we also recommend that all stroke victims have at least one pair of non-skid slippers for wearing around the house during the day. These slippers have a more substantial rubber sole that protects the foot from hazards like broken glass while also guarding against tripping and falling. Look for slippers with a back, which will protect the heel as well and also help keep the shoe in place. Many slipper designs come with adjustable velcro tabs that allow you to change the fit over the course of the day, which is an excellent feature if the recipient’s feet tend to swell a lot. Overall, non-skid slippers remove some of the risk factors while also improving daily life for any stroke victim.

Mobility Aids

Depending on what type of stroke your loved one had, they might find certain kinds of mobility aids beneficial. Mobility aids can take many different forms, from wheelchairs and walkers to canes and crutches. Even if your loved one already has these, they might not have mobility accessories like wheelchair blankets and walker organizers, so those also make great gift ideas for stroke victims. Check in with your loved one to see what type of mobility aids they already have or might find useful and then consider adding those to your holiday shopping list. If they are already set in the mobility aid department, it can be fun to have a decorating party to spruce up their wheelchair or walker and get them in the seasonal spirit.

Pill Organizer

Your loved one will likely have multiple medications they need to take after a stroke to help aid their recovery. It’s very important that they take these medications according to the proper schedule and dosage. Having a pill organizer can help them or their caretaker stay on track each day. 

Choose from daily, weekly or even monthly pill organizers, depending on their needs. You can also find pill organizers for taking pills anywhere between one to four times daily if they need to take their medications at different times. They might also find it helpful to receive a pill splitter, which is an inexpensive device that makes it much easier to break pills in half. While it may seem simple, a pill organizer might be the best gift you can get.

Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Cozy Blanket

Strokes can affect the nervous system and cause all sorts of sensory changes, including feeling cold more easily. Hospitals are already cold places anyways, so your loved one is sure to appreciate the gift of a cozy fleece or sherpa blanket to help them stay warm. If they already own enough regular blankets, some stroke victims also find the extra pressure of a weighted blanket to be very calming, while others dislike the extra weight and find that it makes them feel trapped — so use your best judgment when choosing what type of blanket to give them.

gift idea eye mask
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Eye Mask

Some stroke victims become overly sensitive to light after their stroke or experience some vision problems, so having an eye mask to block out excess light can be really beneficial for them. Look for eye masks made of a soft, breathable material that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and which won’t irritate their skin. We recommend avoiding scented or weighted eye masks, which can trigger sensory issues and make the problem worse. Just get them a simple fabric eye mask for sleeping and put it in their stocking, and they will be sure to get a lot of use out of it.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Speaking of sensory issues, some stroke victims are sensitive to noise instead of (or in addition to) light. If this describes your loved one, then they might really enjoy having a set of noise-canceling headphones, either in-ear buds or a larger over-the-ear model. If you think that the weight of the headphones will bother them, then they might appreciate some nice foam or silicone ear plugs instead. These aren’t always as effective as noise-canceling headphones, but they are often less fatiguing to wear over long periods of time, not to mention much less expensive.

Tilting Movable Table

For some stroke victims, sitting at a desk or table is either very uncomfortable or straight up impossible. This can make certain tasks such as eating rather messy and inconvenient. To remedy this problem, we recommend investing in a c-shaped laptop desk with wheels. These portable tables are designed to be used while sitting in bed or on the couch and often have a top surface that can be tilted to adjust laptop screens to a more comfortable angle. Seek out a model with an adjustable height, which will allow you to use the table at either a couch or a bed.

Utensil Grips

Holding thin and/or slippery objects can be extremely hard for stroke patients, but there is something that you can get to make it easier on them. Thick utensil grips are made from materials such as foam, rubber or silicone that are easier to grip. They slide onto everything from forks to makeup brushes to pens and make it possible for your loved one to still do certain activities independently despite their impaired mobility. This is another small, affordable gift idea for stroke patients that will fit perfectly in a stocking.

Tremor Cutlery

Some stroke patients experience a tremor in their hands or arms after their stroke, which can make it extremely difficult to feed themselves. If your loved one is struggling with this right now, then consider getting them a set of anti-tremor cutlery. This cutlery is specifically designed to counteract the motion of the hand tremors so that the utensil stays level and the food stays put, allowing your loved one to feed themselves and maintain a certain level of independence. This cutlery also makes a great gift for anyone experiencing Parkinson’s disease or another source of tremors.

Meal Delivery

The same stroke after-effects that make it difficult to feed yourself also make it difficult to cook. Even if your loved one has a caretaker who can cook for them, they may be too overwhelmed to go to the grocery store and make three home-cooked meals a day. That’s why one of the best gifts that you can get for a stroke victim is a meal delivery service and/or a meal train set up among friends and family in the area. Be sure to ask about dietary restrictions before setting it up, since their doctor might want them to eat certain foods and avoid others in order to promote their stroke recovery.

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Transportation Help

Many stroke victims are incapable of driving themselves around during their recovery period, which can make it difficult to get to doctor and therapy appointments as well as take care of essential errands like grocery shopping. If you live nearby, volunteering to drive them around might be the greatest gift that you can give them; you can coordinate with other friends and family in the area so it doesn’t become too burdensome for a single person. And if you live far away, you might be able to arrange for transportation by scheduling rideshare or taxis or getting them an unlimited public transportation pass.

Portable Whiteboard

Some stroke victims struggle with speech instead of mobility, meaning that they can still write even if talking is hard. If your loved one finds themselves in a similar situation, then they might benefit from a portable whiteboard with an accompanying whiteboard marker and eraser. This will allow them to write down their thoughts and communicate with others even when speech is difficult. You might also want to get them a messenger bag or another way to carry the whiteboard around so they can still move around hands-free when necessary.

Memory Clocks

While not every stroke victim becomes chronologically disoriented, some patients do have a hard time remembering the day and time. To help them stay grounded, you might want to consider getting them a memory clock that clearly displays the day and time as well as the day of the week. While these are mostly intended for dementia patients, many stroke victims also find them helpful to have around the house. Be sure to install the clock in a prominent place in their room or home so they can glance at it frequently throughout the day.

What is the Best Thing to Give a Stroke Patient?

The paramount gift for a stroke patient transcends tangible items, focusing instead on enhancing their daily life with heartfelt, thoughtful contributions. Emotional support, patience, and a listening ear are invaluable, offering comfort and motivation during their recovery journey. Practical gifts, tailored to their specific needs, such as adaptive equipment or personalized aids, can significantly improve their independence and quality of life.

Whether it’s custom-made adaptive clothing, ergonomic utensils, or engaging recovery resources, the ideal offering combines practicality with a deep sense of understanding and compassion. Such thoughtful gestures not only assist in their physical rehabilitation but also uplift their spirits, embodying a truly meaningful expression of care and support.

Recovery Resources

There are many different tools that can help your loved one recover from a stroke, including physical therapy bands, leg lifters, electrical stimulation machines, mirror boxes, exercise pedal, hand therapy balls and more. Consult with your loved one (or their caretaker) about what type of physical therapy exercises they are doing and get them some recovery resources to complement their work. Make sure to take stock of what therapy devices they already own so that you don’t accidentally give them a duplicate gift.

Looking for the best clothes for stroke victims? Shop the Silverts store today to browse adaptive clothing for both men and women. We also sell hospital socks, wheelchair accessories and many other gifts for stroke victims and people experiencing a wide variety of other health considerations. Order today to get free shipping on all U.S. orders or free rush shipping on your U.S. order over $100!

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