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14 Gifts For Older Fathers You Should Consider

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By Rido /

With Father’s Day coming up on June 18, many people want to get their dad the best gift possible. Whether you’re looking to get a thoughtful gift or unique gift we got you covered. Continue reading for our favorite fathers day gift ideas for your older parent. 

If your old man is getting on in years, but is still young at heart, then consider these meaningful gifts for older dads — from men’s adaptive clothing to a cooler backpack:

Insulated tumbler

Everyone needs a quality stainless steel double-walled tumbler that can fit in the cupholders of their car, so if your father figure doesn’t already have one, this is an awesome Father’s Day gift. Lids come in all different styles, from straws to flip-tops, so choose the one that your dad will like most. 

Cooler backpack

Say goodbye to clunky tote bag style coolers with a cooler backpack! These coolers are designed to be transported hands-free, transferring the weight evenly across your back and shoulders. Your dad will never have to think twice about bringing cold beers and sandwiches on your next outing.

Grill accessories

If your senior dad loves to play grill master, he’s sure to appreciate an upgraded set of grilling tools. Try to personalize them if you can. An engraved grill brush or embroidered apron will be a gift that he treasures for years.

Personal fire pit

If your parents love to build fires, but don’t have a fireplace in their home, then spoil them with an outdoor firepit. These freestanding units make it safe and easy to light a self-contained fire on the porch or patio, making those long summer nights extra memorable.

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Travel luggage or accessories

If your elderly dad is about to retire and plans to do a lot of traveling, then you can’t go wrong with a nice set of luggage. If that’s out of your budget, or he already owns suitcases, then consider smaller travel accessories such as packing cube sets, neck pillows and tech organizers.


For the senior dad who loves napping outside, consider getting him a hammock so he can rest in the ultimate comfort. If a real hammock is too hard for him to get in and out of, then you can compromise with a hammock chair, which still provides the swinging motion but is easier for people with bad knees to sit in.

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By Jacob Lund /

Adaptive clothing

If your dad is struggling to dress himself as he ages, consider giving him some men’s adaptive clothing to make the process easier. While he may be resistant to the idea of “fashion for old people,” most shirts and pants actually look like “normal” garments — they’re just easier to put on! If hand dexterity is an issue, try shopping from our limited mobility clothes or our snap-on clothing collection for easy dressing and disrobing!

Nice binoculars

This present is more of a splurge, but it’s the perfect group gift for an older dad who’s been getting into bird watching or astronomy in his retirement years and doesn’t yet own a nice pair of binoculars. If you’re not sure what model to get for him, a gift certificate is a great option!

Best Gifts for Your Dad This Father’s Day!

Outdoor speaker

Bluetooth speakers are an excellent gift option as they can be used outdoors or indoors. Because of this, be sure to get your dad a rugged, water-resistant model that can offer the most utility. Consider pairing this gift with a carrying case so that he can throw it in a bag or car without having to worry about it getting dinged up.

Foam roller

Help your dad roll out his aches and pains with a portable foam roller. These hard foam cylinders apply pressure to tight spots to help the muscles release — no massage appointment necessary. This is such a useful gift for an older dad who is staying fit and healthy.

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Heated pad

If foam rolling is not your dad’s cup of tea, then consider getting him a heated pad instead. These electric heating pads soothe tight muscles and come in designs meant for the shoulders, lower back, knees and more.

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is one of the best gifts for older dads, especially those who enjoy relaxing on the couch while watching TV or movies. This is a great gift idea and is one that can be used on a very regular basis!

Gift Cards

A gift card to your dad’s favorite stores, such as Home Depot, are very practical gift options as it gives him the opportunity to choose what they want or need from whichever store. This can also turn into a chance to go to the store together, turning a gift into quality time as well.

Beverage subscription

Whether your dad is a big fan of wine, whiskey, beer, coffee or tea, he is sure to appreciate a subscription that delivers a new variety of his favorite beverage of choice straight to his door once a month. If you don’t want a monthly subscription, a curated gift box is the perfect solution for a special present. Pair this with the backpack cooler idea (above) for the ultimate gift for senior dads!

We hope that this gift guide helped you find the perfect gift for older dads for Father’s Day! If you plan to order some adaptive clothing from Silverts for him, such as men’s elastic waist pants for seniors, don’t be afraid to stock up since U.S. orders over $20 ship free!

Now that we have gifts for dad covered, it’s time to find out about the best Mother’s day gifts for elderly moms!

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