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8 Types of Easy-to-Put-On Clothing for Elderly People

Easy Wear Bra
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Just because we might struggle with fastening buttons or zippers doesn’t mean that we have to give up on dressing ourselves altogether. There’s a whole range of clothing for elderly women and men that is designed to help  keep dressing yourself as long as possible. Here are eight types of easy-to-put-on clothing for elderly people that you should know about:

Easy Wear Bras

Bras are already tricky enough to put on even when your mobility isn’t limited. Many older women also find it more comfortable to switch from underwire bras to wire-free designs. If you can still work clasps, then a front closure bra may be the right choice for you. If you’re looking for a clasp-free option, then check out a soft, pullover lounge bra such as the BreastNest we sell here at Silverts. You’ll wonder how you wore underwire for so long!

Elastic Waistbands

Pant zippers, buttons and snaps can be tricky to work and slow you down if you’re trying to get to the bathroom in time. Instead, we recommend going for super comfortable elastic waistband pants (sometimes called self-dressing pants for men or self-dressing pants for women). These pants are easy to pull on and off in one smooth motion and get rid of any hardware that can dig into your stomach and cause discomfort.

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Velcro Closures

If you like the look of shirts and pants with traditional closures, but need something easier to work than buttons and zippers, then let us introduce you to Velcro closures. Velcro provides a strong hold that will keep your clothing in place all throughout the day, yet it can be opened with one firm tug. Traditional buttons may even be sewn on to provide a more traditional look.

Magnetic Closures

If you want an alternative to Velcro closures, or are simply exploring your options, then check out garments with magnetic closures. While not as widely available as Velcro closures, magnetic closures provide many of the same benefits. They are easy to open and close, yet provide staying power all day. Magnetic closures don’t collect lint in the wash, an added plus over Velcro closures. However, magnetic garments are not suitable for those with pacemakers, as the magnets can interfere with the electricity, so bear that in mind.

Pullover Shirts

Pullover styles get rid of the closures altogether for a single piece, easy-to-wear garment. These pullover styles are available in many different styles, including t-shirts, long sleeves and dresses. Keep in mind that you do need a certain level of upper flexibility and mobility, especially in your shoulders, in order to put on pullover garments. If you don’t have that level of mobility, then you may want to seek out some of the other options on this list, such as shirts with Velcro closures.

Open Sweaters

Elderly people are more sensitive to temperature changes and get cold more easily, which is why it’s so important to have layers to stay warm. We recommend open front sweaters with wide sleeves that are easy to slip into and out of. The loose design ensures that the sweater doesn’t make the underlying clothing bunch up, which can cause discomfort and chafing. Choose a longer design if you’d like some coverage on your legs.

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a woman wearing an open back top
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Open Back Tops

Sometimes called rear closure tops, these garments are ideal for those who are on bed rest or who stay in a wheelchair. Instead of pulling this garment over the head, you slip your arms into it and then it is fastened  in the back. The back features overlapping panels to provide plenty of coverage and ensure your dignity, but the front looks like a normal garment.

Easy Wear Shoes

We couldn’t leave shoes off this list, as they can often be one of the trickiest parts of getting dressed. Look for slip-on styles that don’t have any closures at all, or if you need a sturdier shoe, then search for designs that feature Velcro or zipper clasps. Some of them are even designed to look like normal lace-up shoes, while hiding the adaptive closure on the side.

At Silverts, we sell many different styles of easy-to-put-on adaptive clothing, including shoes. Browse our selection today and discover the many options you have for both self dressing and assisted dressing. Plus, if you buy more than $100, you’ll get free shipping in the continental U.S.!



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