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17 Gifts for People with Arthritis

17 Gifts for People with Arthritis
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Shopping for people with arthritis takes some extra effort because many traditional gifts are difficult for them to use, especially if they require a lot of hand dexterity. However, it’s so worth going the extra mile to give them a gift that will make their lives easier and soothe their symptoms. To help you out with your holiday shopping, we have rounded up numerous gift ideas for people with arthritis. Here are our top suggestions for arthritis gifts for 2022:

Magnetic Buttoning Shirt

With arthritis in your hands, simple tasks like buttoning up a shirt may become a tiresome and maybe even impossible task. If your loved one needs to dress formally but is having trouble with hand dexterity or pain from arthritic hands, arthritis clothing such as a “button-up” shirt with hidden magnetic closures is perfect for them. The magnets have decoy buttons sewn on top so that they look just like traditional button-up shirts without all the hassle. Get one in a few colors to give them a variety of tops to wear throughout the week. Their hands will thank you!

Open Side Elastic Pants

Arthritis can make it difficult to operate zippers and buttons on regular pants, which can be a real problem in bathroom emergency situations. Consider giving your loved one some open side pants, which have an elasticised waist with a hook and loop closure on both sides of the pants. This allows the pants to be opened easily on either side of the pants, instead of them struggling with buttons and zippers. By opening up completely, the design reduces the struggle of pulling pants up or down as well. When these pants are fastened they also still provide a comfortable easy pocket.

arthritis pajamas gift idea
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Arthritis Pajamas

A comfortable set of pajamas is a classic gift idea for the winter holidays, but people with arthritis have some special requirements that need to be taken into account. Look for pajamas with pull-on styles or adaptive closures that will make it easy for them to get changed at night. All-in-one outfits like nightgowns for women are a good option, as are matching pajama sets for men. Not to mention that all of our Silverts pajamas are made from soft, breathable fabric that is comfortable to wear all night long, so your loved ones can rest easy while they dream.

Front-Fastening Bras

Regular back-closure bras are already difficult enough to put on in the best of times, and they can be darn near impossible to wear when you have arthritis. For the special woman in your life, a front-fastening bra could quicken her daily routine immensely. If the bra fastens in the front, there is less of a struggle trying to do it up every morning, and some bras even utilize a pull-over style that eliminates closures entirely. The BreastNest is a great example of a bra that has soft modal fabric with no underwire, making it extremely comfortable to wear. She will feel like she’s not even wearing one!

Magnetic Jewelry

Often women with bad arthritis will just eventually stop putting on jewelry because it’s just not worth it to fuss with tiny clasps anymore. That’s why magnetic jewelry is a great gift for a woman with arthritis. Magnetic jewelry will let them still dress up easily and allow them to put on jewelry without a struggle. If you are good with delicate craft projects, you can also buy magnetic clasps and switch out the fastenings on their favorite pieces using jewelry pliers so they can continue to wear them.

Gifts for Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

Comfort Floor Mat

Speaking of standing and walking, a padded floor mat is a game changer if your friend or family member is up on his or her feet for long periods of time. For example, simply washing the dishes can put such a strain on someone with rheumatoid arthritis that their ankles creak or swell. A gel and/or foam padded mat combats fatigue and can be used in the kitchen, garage and/or bathroom. Get them one for every room in their house and they will use it daily for years to come.

adaptive footwear gift idea
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Adaptive Footwear

Shoelaces are often a huge problem for arthritic hands, so consider eliminating laces entirely with adaptive footwear. VELCRO brand closures or easy-touch closures make it simple for people with arthritis to put on their own shoes, while wider openings allow the foot to slide easily into the shoe without the wearer having to bend over. Also look for non-skid soles that will help to protect your elderly loved one from trip and fall hazards. Browse a wide variety of adaptive footwear designs at the Silverts online store, including slippers for men and women.

Bath Bombs and Soaks

Everybody loves a nice, long bath, and the hot water can be especially soothing for aching joints. If your loved one enjoys taking hot baths to soothe their arthritis, give them a basket of bath soaks teeming with Epsom salt and essential oils. The minerals in Epsom salt promote bone and muscle health, thereby relieving pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. Add in some other personal care products such as hand lotion and foot creams for an comprehensive spa-at-home package.

Spa Gift Card

If your loved one prefers to go to an actual spa rather than recreating the experience at home, then they will definitely appreciate a spa gift card to a local retreat center or hot springs. A day at the spa will give them a chance to take a break and let the joints recover. Book them an appointment with their favorite specialist or give them a gift card so they can pick and choose what appointments they want.

Heated Blanket

Especially if your relative or friend sleeps in a cold environment, an electric blanket can do wonders for their arthritis issues. Morning stiffness and pain are common for somebody with arthritis; sometimes it can be so uncomfortable just to try to get out of bed. A blanket or mattress pad that heats up on its own may diminish some of that struggle! Look for a model that will automatically turn off after a certain amount of time so that they don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on overnight while they sleep.

Thoughtful Gifts for Grandparents

Reusable Ice Packs

While many people with arthritis benefit a lot from heat therapy, others find that cold therapy soothes their pain better, especially acute injuries and swelling. Upgrade them from a bag of frozen peas to a reusable gel pack that they can freeze again and again. Choose from various sizes of rectangular gel packs, or get a specialty one designed for knees, the lower back, upper arms or another specific body part. Better yet, get them two of the same kind, so they can use one while the other re-freezes for around-the-clock relief.

arthritis yoga classes gift idea
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Yoga Classes for Arthritis

Physical activity can be limited when you have arthritis, but it doesn’t have to be completely confined to in-chair exercises for seniors. Yoga is a great way to soothe any achy joints, and there are classes of yoga that can be centered around helping arthritis. See if any of those are available in your area and get your loved one a gift card for them. If you are having trouble finding a specific arthritis-focused class, gentle yoga or yoga classes for seniors will work too. If you feel up to it, make it a family affair and buy two passes for both of you!

Electric Kitchen Gadgets

Many basic kitchen tasks — from opening jars to chopping vegetables — can be next to impossible if you have arthritis in your hands. If your elderly loved ones still love to cook, then consider getting them an array of electric kitchen gadgets that will do the work for them, from electric knives to food processors. If your loved one is getting to the point where cooking at home is no longer safe, then you might want to set them up with a gourmet meal delivery service, instead, as an alternative gift for people with arthritis.

Supportive Pillows

As people get older, many of them find they can only sleep in very specific positions to avoid aggravating their arthritis and other health issues. In many cases, regular pillows are no longer comfortable for them to sleep on, which is why they are sure to appreciate a gift of specialty pillows for their neck, back or knees. With the right combination of pillows, they will even be able to sleep sitting up just as if they were sleeping on their side or back like normal.

Car Accessories

Having arthritis makes driving a car or even just being a passenger somewhat difficult and uncomfortable. If your loved one is avoiding driving because of their arthritis, then get them set up with car accessories meant for people with arthritis. These include steering wheel knobs, seatbelts and auto canes that make it easier to step in and out of the car. If your loved one is no longer able to drive themselves, then offer to take them to appointments and important social occasions so they can still get out of the house.

compression gloves gift idea
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Compression Gloves

Anecdotally, many people with arthritis report that wearing compression gloves can help prevent or manage their arthritis symptoms in their hands. If your elderly loved one hasn’t already tried compression gloves, these are an excellent addition to their stocking this year. Choose from a traditional full glove style for extra warmth or a fingerless glove style if they want to wear the gloves while doing other tasks.

Mobility Aids

Many people with arthritis either already use or need to use mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes and reacher grabbers. If your loved one doesn’t already own these, then you might want to seriously consider giving them some. And if they already own them, then you can trick them out with accessories like wheelchair blankets and organizers. If you have young grandkids in the family, then it can be fun to ask them to decorate the mobility aids with grandma and grandpa as well.

Ready to order gifts for people with arthritis? At Silverts, we stock a wide variety of gifts for elderly people, including arthritis clothing and mobility aid accessories. U.S. orders ship free — no order minimum necessary! — and orders over $100 receive free rush shipping so you will be sure to get your gifts in time. Order today to choose a gift that your loved one with arthritis will deeply appreciate.

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