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Top 10 Best Gifts for Grandparents

Gift Ideas for Grandparents
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Find the Perfect Gift!

Are you looking for that perfect gift for Grandma or Grandpa? Maybe something better than the classic macaroni picture frame? You want to get something that you know they will love but will also be useful in their everyday routine.

We’ve broken down our top 10 recommended gifts for the grandparent in your life.

1. Hobbies

What does your grandma or grandpa do in their spare time? If they have something they love doing, stocking them up on their favorite craft could be what they need. Whether it be purchasing some yarn or new knitting needles, or even a booklet of patterns for crochet! If they have other activities that they enjoy doing, get them some useful things for their hobbies. Even better, do the craft or activity together! Watch their favourite movie, paint a picture or go for a walk.

2. Clothing

Clothing is a staple that they might not know they need. Getting them a new top, pair of pants or sweater can be a special treat and not something they would buy for themselves. Even better if you can find a piece of clothing that will make their daily routine of getting dressed easier. Grandma having trouble holding things, or doing up buttons? Side opening pants and magnetic closure tops could be a great introduction to her closet. Something like the Women’s Side Closure Stretch Pant have easy touch fastenings and grip loops on the sides of the pant making it easier to pull on. A great pairing with the Women’s Self Dressing Magnetic Closure Chambray Style Jacket that uses magnets instead of buttons requiring less hand dexterity.

Women's Self Dressing Magnetic Closure Chambray Style Jacket
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Women's Self Dressing Magnetic Closure Chambray Style Jacket
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If grandpa is less mobile these days and spends most of his time in a wheelchair, open back pants could make a big difference in his comfort level and style. The Men’s Open Back Jeans are designed with two overlapping back panels to allow for dressing from a seated or laying down position. Easier on the caregiver and your loved one!

Men's Open Back Jeans
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Men's Open Back Jeans
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With age our joints can become stiff, allowing for limited movement of their arms. If this is the case and grandpa require help getting tops on in the morning, an Open Back Top could help them a lot. By removing the struggle of putting items on overhead we can avoid injury, chronic pain and move on to some family fun faster! Check out one of our favorites the Men’s Open Back Polo with Long Sleeves. 

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3. Ipod

Dancing and singing along is incredible for both your mental and physical health, no matter your age! As well as something your grandparents probably love doing. So here is an easy project for you; buy them an iPod, and create playlists for them. Have some old time classics and maybe even mix in a few of your favorite songs. Keep the songs light and loving, and easy to understand. Be sure to take some time to teach them how to navigate the new device.

4. Slippers & Socks

Keeping your grandparents comfortable, safe and warm makes for both a useful present as well as a very caring gesture. Wide slippers are useful to older adults for many reasons! Because their feet are prone to swelling due to factors like diabetes, edema, and weight fluctuations, it can be difficult to put on regular shoes and dangerous to wear oversized ones. Silvert’s extra wide slippers are bestsellers especially during the holidays, since they fit well, are cozy, and can prevent falls with their slip resistant soles. Could also be as simple as socks! For those who have swelling or lesions on their feet a good pair of compression socks can make a world of a difference.

Men's Wide Adjustable Slippers
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5. Workout Equipment

Workout equipment, such as bands or light weights will keep them active and strong. Having these things at home means they can keep in shape from the comfort of their own space. Even if they are lifting three pounds while they watch TV, it is an amazing way for them to exercise, as well as something fun you can do together!

6. Wheelchair Accessories

Are they more dependant on their wheelchair or walker these days? There are many accessories out there to help make the transition to wheelchair or walker easier. If they like to keep lots of things handy, a wheelchair/walker pouch could be perfect to keep everything together. This way there will be no more issues of misplacing things. If they already have a bag to use for their items, a wheelchair blanket will keep them warm for the winter. Even if they just want something to put over their legs, a wheelchair blanket will attach on to either side of their wheelchair so they won’t have to worry about it falling off.

Want something a bit warmer for the winter season? Wheelchair capes could be a good gift for them. If you have siblings, everyone could pitch in to get them a winter wheelchair cape, then it will be a nice present from the whole family. This will keep them warm if they are ever visiting family, or if they need to go outside for a doctor’s appointment. The higher back design means that the cape will not get stuck in the wheels while the long front provides full coverage.

7. Photo Album/ Scrapbook

Bring out your creative side and make them a scrapbook. This is a great gift from the heart. By making a scrapbook, you are showing that you put time and effort into your present. It will also be a nice activity for you to get the pictures all together. If you need some help putting it together, there any online applications that can set it up for you, all you have to do is load the photos. If you aren’t as creative, spend some time looking through pictures and create a photo album of pictures instead. These can be a mixture of old photos of them, the family and you. Try and see if your parents have any photos from when they were kids and add it to the album. The pictures don’t all have to have your grandparents in them.

8. Quality Time

This gift can be done in many forms. First, give them a calendar with dates that you will be visiting, or dates of events that you want to take them to, that way they have something to look forward to. This could be as simple as a trip to the mall, or nail salon, or a place they have always wanted to go. Could also be as simples as taking them to run errands or a walk around the neighborhood.

9. Neat Gizmos

Neat gizmos are an area of endless possibilities. Get creative! If they live alone, you could get them a self massager or a back scratcher. These can be funny gifts to make them laugh; make it unique so they will think of you every time they use it.

10. Writing stationary and Stamps

Become their pen pal! Get them some cute paper and pens with envelopes. Don’t forget stamps, be sure they have your full address so they have their first person to send a letter too. Maybe include an address book with the addresses of other family members!

Give them a gift they will love!

These gifts are all very easy to personalize to their taste, or to yours. By giving them something that you picked for them, they will love to see your taste. Making them something connects them to you, by showing them a bit of who you are. They also have something to talk about now, that YOU put it together for them. Ask your parents if you need ideas on preferred colors, sizes  or specifics. Don’t be afraid to ask your parents for their opinions on what your grandparents might like. Give them something that will be useful to them, and make them think of you every time they use it.

Does your grandparent live in a nursing home? Our gifts for seniors living in a nursing home article is directed towards a nursing home environment!

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