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3 Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

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As we age, our body changes shape – all the way down to our feet. Our body’s support system begins to spread due to muscle loss and years of supporting our own weight. Heat edema can cause swollen feet, further exacerbating existing foot pain. 
Suddenly the go-to athletic shoes your loved one has been relying on no longer offer the right support or comfort needed.

What Walking Shoes are Recommended by Podiatrists? 

A proper walking shoe should be a staple in everyone’s closet, but especially for seniors. Because the older population often experience stability and mobility challenges, finding the right fit for a walking shoe becomes increasingly important. You can learn how to measure shoe size and width with accuracy to find the most comfortable shoe for your loved ones.

Shoes that are designed with a wide toe box, proper arch support, and non-skid soles are recommended. These features provide added support for your loved one and help reduce the risk of falls, too. You should also consider orthotic insoles for enhanced support and comfort.

Your aging parent should also have proper footwear to use while in the house, too. These non-slip slippers or indoor shoes should meet the same requirements as their outdoor walking shoes to prevent falls. 

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Walking Shoes for Seniors 

Support and Stability

Flat feet can cause less stability when walking, which is a common hazard among older adults. When searching for the best shoes for elderly with balance problems, it’s important to consider features such as arch support for long-lasting support. 

The best walking shoe for older women and men should also have a rubber grip sole to reduce injury. The rubber outsole helps prevent potential slips and falls on both dry and wet surfaces. 

An extended heel design on walking shoes is also a feature to look for as this design can further reduce falls and increase stability. 

Cushioning and Comfort 

The more comfortable a shoe is, the more it will be worn. To ensure a shoe is as comfortable as can be, consider the health and fitness level of your loved one and try to find a walking shoe that supports their needs. 

Wide shoes are often a good choice for the aging population as a wider design can help accommodate discomforts that often accompany bunions, hammer toes, edema, podiatry foot problems, as well as lowered dexterity due to arthritis and other health concerns.

Fit and Sizing

Too often, when choosing a walking shoe for seniors, people buy one size larger than what their loved one usually wears to accommodate swelling and edema. However, selecting the wrong size can compromise stability and foot health. 

For fall prevention and correct fit, the foot should be measured from the heel and to the big toe. Then, add about one-quarter inch or once centimetre to the total measurement to provide wiggle room and enhance comfort. 
Silverts’ sneakers for older men and women are designed with adjustable widths to accommodate edema, swelling, and other wide foot health concerns.

Ease of Use

When choosing walking shoes for an older parent or relative, look for a shoe that is easy to take on and off. Often these shoes will be designed with easy-touch closures and an extra-wide opening to enhance the ease of dressing.

Additional features in specialty shoes, such as Silverts’ adaptive footwear, that can enhance the user’s experience. Some of these added features include finger loops, velcro straps, and grip straps which help the user slide the shoe on and off. Adjustable width allows the wearer to adjust the shoe throughout the day to achieve the highest level of comfort and support without needing to change the actual footwear. 

Durability and Material Quality 

When shopping for a good walking shoe for seniors, the quality of the shoe should not be overlooked. 

Choose a shoe designed with a durable fabric exterior that allows space and comfort for foot flexion and breathability. A padded brushed fabric-lined interior will also optimize comfort and coziness. 

Don’t forget to inspect the shoe soles, either. A rubber outsole will create a softer walking surface and help reduce slips and skids. A lightweight shoe will also enhance comfort and ease when walking. 

Top 3 Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

Women’s Extra Wide Comfort Shoes with Easy Closures for Adjustable Fit

These walking shoes are a best seller for seniors and features Silverts’ signature True Fit Insole System. This unique shoe design is created with removable insoles and two additional spacers so the wearer or caregiver can customize the fit of these slip-on shoes. 

The perfect fit system allows the shoe to be adjusted from B to 2E and so can accommodate swelling or edema in older users. The removable spacers also create room for custom orthotic insoles and braces. 

Men’s Extra Wide Comfort Shoes with Easy Touch Closures

This best-selling shoe is one of the best walking shoes for seniors. The extra-wide opening allows the wearer to slip their foot in on their own, or have a caregiver easily insert their foot into the shoe. 

These shoes are also designed with Silverts True Fit Insole System. The removable insoles and spacers allow the shoe width to be adjusted from D to 4E to suit different users needs, and even different needs as the hours of the day move on. 

Your loved one can add in the spacers if the shoe fits too loosely or they can remove them if their foot feels too tight. 

Easy Wear Extra Wide Comfortable Walking Shoes for Men

This popular shoe is another top walking shoe for seniors. The extra-wide opening allows the wearer to easily slide their foot into the shoe without struggle. An easy touch closure and one secure strap ensures the shoe remains closed while wearing and can easily be taken on and off. 

These walking shoes are also designed with the removable insole and spacers so your loved one can adjust the shoe fit as their day wears on. 

How to Properly Fit and Break in New Walking Shoes

Steps for Ensuring a Good Fit 

A proper fitting shoe is almost as important as the style of walking shoe. It’s important to avoid the common mistake of sizing the shoe up to accommodate for swelling. 

To reduce risk of falls, it is necessary to know the proper foot size. You can do this by measuring the foot starting at the heel and moving toward the big toe. Once the measurement is taken, you should add about one-quarter inch or one centimetre to the measurement to provide wiggle room for your loved one and enhance comfort when wearing the shoe. 

Tips for Breaking in Your New Shoes

Remember that new shoes can feel uncomfortable at first. Be patient with your loved one as they get used to the fit and feel of their new shoes. 

Start with shorter periods of wear time and gradually increase the length of time as they become more used to their new walking shoes.

Maintenance Tips for Walking Shoes

Shoes get a lot of use. To keep these walking shoes for seniors looking new and fresh, wipe the shoes with a damp cloth if they become scuffed or muddy. 

 Shop Adaptive Footwear at Silverts

When looking for walking shoes for seniors, remember to focus on proper fit size, ease of wear and non-skid bottoms. Each of these features will help create a more comfortable fit while reducing falls. 

If you need help with aging parents, Silverts has the resources to support you and your loved ones. Explore our adaptive footwear styles that range from walking shoes to sandals to non-slip slippers to encourage physical activities for older adults. 

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