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Open Back Tops

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What is an Open Back Top? 

Open back shirts and tops are designed for people who need help getting dressed or have limited mobility in their upper body. The open-back shirts have two overlapping panels at the back, attached by snaps on the shoulders, providing ventilation and preserving the wearer's modesty, while still making it easy to get dressed. 

Why is this important?

Wearers can be dressed without lifting their arms or contorting their upper body compared to traditional over the head tops. This is helpful for individuals with limited strength or mobility. Open back means that you can be dressed from a seated, laying or standing position. Removing the need for lifting or shifting decreases the strain, pain and risk of injury to the wearer and caregiver. Dresser simply slides the wearer's arms through arm holes and snaps up around the back. The double panel overlap provides dignified full coverage.

Discrete closures reduce risk of pressure points with snaps hidden at the shoulder seams.

With complete dignity in mind, the bottom panel fully covers the backside even when one flap is open, no peeking.

Double overlap means it can open completely like a hospital gown, for easy dressing and personal care.

Ideal for seated or supine dressing, these tops can be put on from the front and snapped at the shoulders with minimal jostling, pain or strain.


How do you put on an Open Back Top?

  1. Unsnap both the closures at the shoulder seams of the top.
  2. From the front, slide the sleeves up the arms of the wearer until the opening reaches at their back (no lifting required).
  3. Once the top is in place, pull the first panel across the back and snap in place at the shoulder.
  4. Now take the second panel, pull across, creating an overlap, and snap again.

What makes Silverts’ Open Back design different?

Silverts open back tops are designed to bring ease to the wearer and caregiver, while still providing a high level of quality, style and comfort. Our no peek system means even if one panel is open the wearer’s back is still fully covered. No longer do you need to sacrifice style or comfort in your closet to achieve ease of dressing. Donned by sliding the wearer's arms through arm holes and snaps up around the back, reducing the risk of strain or injury to both the caregiver and wearer.

Who could benefit from an Open Back Top? 

Open back tops are great for anyone who has limited upper body mobility or is currently unable to lift their arms to put a top over their head. This refers to those who might be assisted when getting dressed by a family member or caregiver. Open back tops are a great choice for older adults living at home, in assisted living or in hospital, and persons with disabilities; especially those who use wheelchairs. These tops are also a great option for those who have ALS, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, paralysis, Parkinson’s or recovering from a stroke.