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Parkinson’s clothing by Silverts features struggle free dressing solutions for caregivers and those they care for. Clothing for Parkinson’s patients is designed to resolve the dilemmas faced by Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers. Parkinson’s patients can experience impaired balance, tremors, slow movement, and thinking difficulties. To help them feel safe and secure, clothing for Parkinson’s patients can be very useful and practical.

For Parkinson’s patients, whether they are looking for independent dressing solutions of assisted dressing solutions, Silverts Parkinson’s clothing can help resolve the daily struggles of getting dressed.

Benefits of adaptive clothing for Parkinson patients:

Silverts adaptive clothing is a practical alternative to conventional clothing because they are easier to put on and take off. With adaptive products such as open back tops, side open pants, wheelchair pants, hospital gowns with a full back overlap, easy dressing solutions such as these can make life easier for Parkinson’s patients. For days when your arms are stiff, clothing with elastic waistbands or Velcro closures instead of zippers or buttons can make dressing easier and quicker. For caregivers, dressing their senior loved ones in Parkinson’s clothing will provide an efficient and safer method for caregiving.

Clothing for Parkinson’s patients should be easy to wear. Some of the most common problems experienced by a Parkinson patient include issues with balance, tremors, and finger dexterity. The inability to stand steadily while stepping into clothes is another issue. It is difficult for a Parkinson’s patient to button their conventional shirt due to tremors and that can lead to a lot of frustration. Parkinson’s clothing by Silverts provides a solution to all these problems. With adaptive clothing features such as open back tops or side open pants, a Parkinson’s patient does not need to stand to wear clothes and they do not need to raise their arms either. Adaptive clothes can be slid on while the patient is seated. Magnetic closure shirts resolve the problem of fastening buttons on shirts. When a Parkinson’s patient wears Silverts Parkinsons clothing, they can just click the shirt opening without having to fasten conventional buttons.

Parkinson’s shoes provide stability because of their slip-resistant features. Silverts has the best shoes for Parkinson’s patients because adaptive shoes offer a wide width for adjustment and Velcro fasteners make it easy to wear them. Skid-resistant features enable a Parkinson’s patient to walk steadily and helps prevent accidental slips and falls.