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Mens Extra Extra Wide Slip Resistant Slippers

Self Dressing People who get dressed by themselves
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Men's Extra Extra Wide Easy Closure Slippers

Self Dressing

As the leader in adaptive footwear, Silverts works closely with diabetic neurotherapy experts to design comfortable, adjustable slippers.  This extra wide slipper is ideal for men in nursing homes,  hospitals, or simply seeking a reliable indoor/ outdoor slipper.​

Features Removable Insole & Spacer

A removable insole and spacer allow the wearer to customize the fit of their extra wide slipper to achieve the perfect fit.

  • Too Loose? Leave in the foam spacer found under the insole
  • Too Tight? Remove the spacer and wear with the insole only
  • Use Orthotics? The removable nature of the insole and spacers allow you to customize your shoe as neede for optimal comfort

Is this slipper right for you?

  • Extra wide fit & roomy toe box
  • Easy to put on & adjust
  • Great for swollen feet from edema or diabetes
  • Ideal for bunions, corns, hammer toes & podiatry concerns

Features & Benefits

Adjustable Fit
Large overlap allows the shoe to be fully opened so wearers can step into it and adjust the fit to accommodate for swelling.

Easy-Touch Closure
Convenient touch closure allows the shoe to be fastened and adjusted with ease. ​

Removeable Insole & Spacer
Too tight/ Use custom orthotics? These shoes include a removable insole and foam spacer.​

Slip Resistant Soles
Rubber grip sole helps prevent potential slips and falls on dry or wet surfaces.

Best Walking Shoes for Seniors
Great choice for older adults or elderly with bunions, corns, hammer toes, foot edema, diabetes, podiatry foot problems or those with arthritis or lowered hand dexterity.

Fabrication & Care

  • Exterior Material: Two cozy fabrications - plush sherpa & corduroy mesh​
  • Lining: Breathable & odor resistant, brushed interior
  • Ultra-Lightweight: grams
  • Washing Instructions: Remove foam spacer prior to machine washing. Tumble on low or air dry.

Two Cozy Fabrications

New! Sherpa

1 Color:

Corduroy Mesh
3 Colors:
Black, Navy, Steel

Do not go up a size to accommodate width or swelling.

This mens wide slippers can been worn as a shoe. These very wide slippers are terrific for those with arthritis or lowered hand dexterity. These adjustable extra extra wide width slippers make the best diabetic slipper for men and men in rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facility, home care and long term care facilities. Extra-roomy deep extra extra wide width slippers for swollen feet and ankles are great for patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing home patients residents and retirement homes. These Extra Extra Wide Width Men’s Bedroom or House Slippers by Silvert are perfect for comfortable casual use in the home and for home care settings.

More Information
Product Label BEST SELLER
Gender Men
Needs Adaptive, ALS, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Assisted Living, Broken Leg, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetic Footwear, Disabled, Edema, Foot Problems, Handicap, Health Care, Home Care, Hospice, Independent Dressing, Leg Stiffness, Multiple Sclerosis, Nursing Home, Palliative Care, Paralysis, Podiatry, Senior, Stroke, Swollen Feet, Wheelchair, Arm Stiffness, Incontinent, Parkinson's, Scoliosis
Dressing Type Self-Dressing

Find Your Perfect Fit

The primary measurement for finding an accurate size is length. Selecting the wrong size can compromise stability and foot health.

How to measure length:

Measure from the heel, to the big toe. Add a 1/4 inch or about 1 cm to this measurement and compare to the size chart. This will provide wiggle room for comfort.

How to measure width:

Measure the width of the widest part of the foot

How to measure circumference:

Measure around the widest part of the foot. Either wrap a measuring tape or take a string and mark how much is needed to wrap around the foot, comparing to a measuring tape or ruler to get your dimensions.

Size Length Width Circumference
7 26.6 10.5 8.7 3.4 25.4 10.0
8 27.5 10.8 8.9 3.5 26.0 10.3
9 28.3 11.2 9.2 3.6 26.7 10.5
10 29.2 11.5 9.4 3.7 27.3 10.8
11 30.0 11.8 9.6 3.8 27.9 11.0
12 30.9 12.2 9.8 3.9 28.6 11.3
13 31.7 12.5 10.0 3.9 29.2 11.5
14 32.6 12.8 10.2 4.0 29.9 11.8