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What is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is designed to make daily routines easier for adults with disabilities and the elderly. With specially made closures and added features, our clothing and accessories can bring back independence to our customer, and peace of mind to their family and caregivers.

Learn more about our different types of adaptive clothing:

For people who need help getting dressed

Silverts Assisted Dressing apparel is designed for individuals who dress with assistance from a family member or caregiver. These items are designed to make the dressing process simpler for both the caregiver and person being dressed.

Wheelchair friendly design touches and easy closures help you — and your caregivers — start the day with a quick snap, zip and a smile.

  1. Open Back Tops

Open back tops are designed to slip on from the front and are fastened securely across the back with two overlapping panels. They provide comfortable and stylish coverage with easy dressing and undressing.

  1. Open Back Pants

Our open back pants are secured using a snap closure across the back of the waistband with two overlapping flaps covering the backside. They also include an elastic waistband for comfort while seated.

  1. Smart Hems

Our smart hems mean widened leg holes to avoid frustration and extra movement when getting legs into pants. The adjustable hems make it easy to shorten or lengthen hems without the hassle of tailoring.

  1. Adjustable Width

Our adjustable width shoes mean you can alter the shoe or slipper to fit the needs of the user. The shoe or slipper can be adjusted for different levels of swelling in the feet.

  1. Slip Resistant

Falls being the most prevalent problem amongst seniors and the elderly, the grip sole on our socks and shoes means you can walk safely and steadily, even on tiles and hardwood floors. P.S. All our shoes are slip-resistant.


What is adaptive clothing and is it right for you?

Adaptive clothing is designed for those who are unable to wear traditional clothing and apparel for a variety of reasons. Adaptive designs may be needed for people who have physical disabilities, the elderly or those in recovery from surgery. They may have difficulty getting themselves dressed because of an inability to operate fasteners, or loss of full range of motion needed to dress themselves. Our innovative buttons, zippers, snaps, hidden magnets or easy touch closures are added to apparel and accessories to simplify the dressing experience for the caregiver, family and wearer.

What’s the difference between self dressing and assisted dressing clothes?

Self dressing is for those who are able to dress themselves but might require some design features to speed up the process and alleviate frustration or discomfort. Assisted dressing is for those individuals who require help while getting dressed. When a person is unable to physically dress themselves, assisted dressing products enable the carers to carry out the task quickly, easily and most importantly maintains the person’s dignity.

What type of clothing is best for certain types of medical conditions?

Adaptive apparel, footwear and accessories are each designed to support or provide comfort to a particular disability, illness, disease or recovery period. For instance our magnetic closures–zippers and buttons–are designed for someone with Arthritis, Parkinson’s or ALS, where fine motor skills and hand dexterity is lessened. While open back tops were developed to make it easier to dress someone from a seated, laying down or standing position. This can be helpful to most seniors and elderly, as well as those with Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis or wheelchair users. We recommend checking out our Shop By Need section which breaks things down by ailment, illness or situation.

What makes Silverts clothing different?

Silverts believes in empowering people. Adaptive clothing is specially designed and adapted to enable the task of dressing to be carried out with less difficulty. Tasks that were perhaps once impossible can now become more manageable and carried out with ease and comfort. While at the same time giving back a person’s independence, sense of style and routine. Our adaptive clothing and footwear also enables caregivers to quickly support and dress people with more complex disabilities ultimately improving quality of life and bringing peace of mind. We are simplified dressing for empowered living.

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