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Handicapped Clothing for Women and Men:

Handicap clothing is designed for the special dressing needs of people who have paralysis or other disabilities. It is difficult to find stylish yet functional handicap clothing and wheelchair clothing but Silverts makes it easier. Silverts handicapped clothing makes it convenient for those with mobility concerns to get dressed. Silverts specializes in special needs clothing for handicapped adults.

Handicap Clothing options:

Velcro Shoes: Silverts provides a complete line of Women's and Men's shoes and slippers with VELCRO® brand and Easy Touch closures. Silverts Velcro shoes are great for handicapped adults. Velcro brand and easy touch closure designs are made for handicapped adult’s convenience and ease. Adjustable easy touch closures accommodate different levels of swelling. Wide fitting adjustable shoes and slippers are easy to put on and take off. When bending to tie laces becomes difficult, adaptive shoes and slippers provide relief with their easy touch closures. Another special feature on Silverts Velcro shoes is that they are slip resistant and help prevent potential slips and falls. Even the task of putting on socks may seem like a chore due to physical pain, which is why Silverts carries a variety of wider fitting non-constrictive socks.

Velcro Pants: Velcro Pants for women and men provide easy access dressing for lowered hand dexterity. If you are suffering from arthritis pain and buttons has become problematic, Velcro pants allow for easy slip-on comfort. The elastic waist stretches for extra convenience and comfort. Velcro pants feature an easy access hook and loop fastener on each side to make dressing easy for the handicapped. Silverts handicap clothing is perfect for those in-home rehabilitation centres, skilled nursing facilities and long-term care facilities.

Velcro Shirts: Silverts handicap clothing features Jackie, the name of the post-surgical recovery garment made for cancer patients who have gone through any of the five different types of mastectomy: "simple" or "total" mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, radical mastectomy, partial mastectomy, and subcutaneous (nipple-sparing) mastectomy. Jackie also serves as a great dressing solution for temporary disability associated with Injury, sports injury, rehabilitation, post-op recovery, accident, reconstructive surgery, neuropathy, lupus, sprain, chronic pain, broken bone, and other ailments.

Here are some of the product features of our Jackie brand post-surgical recovery prosthetic garment -

  • Thoughtful gift for breast and lung cancer patients and post op shoulder surgeries
  • Patient designed with dignity in mind
  • Perfect recovery shirt to leave the hospital in, post-surgery
  • Gives you privacy and simplifies your life
  • Hidden pockets for post-surgical drains and other medical pumps and packs
  • Easy Access sleeves that completely open up and allows for One-Handed Dressing and easy access to IV lines
  • Button at shoulder to drop down for easy port-a-cath catheter access
  • Attractive and comfortable garment to wear at home, run errands, daily living and sleepwear
  • Reduces the need for painful arm lifting after surgery
  • Medicare Eligible

Benefits of Handicap People Clothing/Apparel and Footwear

  • Handicapped clothing for women & men features Easy Touch, zipper and VELCRO® brand closures for ease of dressing.
  • Generous cuts and sizing provide the wearer with greater ease of movement and greatly reduces the frustration of limited-mobility handicap dressing.
  • Ease of dressing features aid in reducing falls by allowing the wearer to dress from a seated position. Skid-resistant shoes, slippers and socks provide the wearer with greater traction whether walking or for wheelchair transfers.
  • Generous back overlaps on adaptive open back clothing for people with disabilities provide complete coverage for the wearer to stand and transfer with confidence.
  • Best of all, handicap clothing provides the convenience of dressing without anyone ever knowing you are wearing special needs clothing!

Are you ready to browse the handicap clothing catalog? There is a wide range of adaptive clothing options available for handicapped adults. If you are a family member, a caregiver or a healthcare professional looking for easy dressing solutions to make caregiving easier, check Silverts handicap clothing catalog and place your orders today!