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Assisted Dressing
People who need help getting dressed
Self Dressing
People who get dressed by themselves
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Mens Adaptive Slippers:

Mens footwear includes mens adaptive slippers for elderly and seniors. Silverts extra, extra wide slippers for men are recommended for extreme swelling in both the feet and ankles. These slippers accommodate not only general swelling, but other foot problems. Silverts slippers for men have a generous opening for hammertoes, corns and bunions. This gives added room to take away the pain and struggle of getting the slipper on. A comfortable material with added padding makes this slipper great for men with diabetes, edema or any foot problems that could cause swelling of the foot.

Extra extra wide slippers are recommended for men with larger, wider feet. These slippers are built to help with ankle swelling, with dips in the ankle fabric to allow for swelling of the ankle. These slippers range from a men’s size 7, to a men’s size 14. Mens adaptive slippers are very easy to wear. This slipper is the perfect indoor and outdoor slipper as well. With proper grip and a thick sole, this slipper can be worn on short outings or walks. This makes the slipper perfect for the doctor’s appointment, or visiting family and loved ones. With affordable pricing, this mens slipper is the perfect solution if you are looking for comfortable mens footwear.