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Shoes for Diabetics: Walking Shoes & Diabetic Slippers

We recognize the unique challenges faced by individuals with diabetes, especially when it comes to finding the right diabetic shoe. Our shoes for diabetics are more than just footwear; they are a step towards comfort, safety, and maintaining an active lifestyle. Understanding the sensitivity and needs associated with diabetic feet, our range of diabetic shoes are expertly crafted to support foot health needs that regular shoes can’t meet.

Our collection features shoes for swollen feet and ankles that cater to both functional and aesthetic needs. The diabetic walking shoes are designed with extra width and adjustable closures, ensuring a perfect fit for swollen or sensitive feet, a common concern for many with diabetes. The easy-to-close design of our footwear makes them not only convenient but also supportive, reducing the risk of foot injuries, which can be a significant concern for those with diabetes.

When you’re looking at footwear for diabetes, you want the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and breathability. The thoughtful construction prioritizes foot care to help minimize foot pain, nerve damage, and irritated skin that can arise from poorly fitting shoes. We offer a variety of styles, from everyday wear to more formal options, ensuring that our customers do not have to compromise on style for the sake of their health.

Choosing the right diabetic footwear is crucial, and we strive to provide therapeutic footwear that empowers the wearer. Our commitment is to offer shoes for diabetics that not only meet medical needs but also embrace the personal style and life preferences of our customers. Trust Silverts to be your partner in managing diabetes with footwear that offers peace of mind, safety, and a touch of elegance. Shop extra wide shoes and footwear options for all foot care needs.

Diabetic Shoes

Keep your loved ones comfortable with Silverts’ diabetic footwear. Silverts’ diabetic footwear and bariatric shoes are made for diabetics who experience swollen feet and edema. Explore all kinds of diabetic footwear, from supportive diabetic shoes and slippers to compression socks to aid in circulation and reduce pressure points.  

Bariatric Shoes

In our collection of diabetic footwear and bariatric shoes, you will find a variety of features designed to make diabetics feel more comfortable. Choose a pair of bariatric shoes that provide extra width and extra depth in the toe box and forefoot to accommodate swollen feet and help to relieve pressure. Plus, the roomy interior offers extra space for special, custom-made diabetic orthotic insoles. Other convenient features include an easy closure with Velcro strap fasteners and adjustable shoe size to accommodate increased sizing due to swollen feet. 

Compression Socks

Need a pair of diabetic socks to go along with your bariatric shoes? Our diabetic socks offer an optimal amount of compression and a seamless cut to prevent rubbing and skin irritations. Made with a moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial material, our compression socks come in varying lengths, from ankle and crew socks to calf length. We even offer adaptive socks with slip-resistant grips on the soles. 

For someone with diabetes, wearing the proper footwear is about more than comfort. It’s about safety, too. A properly fitted bariatric shoe or diabetic footwear can help prevent injuries and reduce foot pain immensely. So choose the best diabetic footwear available. Shop Silverts today to keep your loved ones comfortable and safe.