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The Leader in Adaptive Apparel since 1930

For over 90 years, Silverts has been providing reliable adaptive apparel and became one of the first companies to focus solely on people with dressing difficulties. We are committed to giving you exceptional service, quality, and value for the price.

Why Choose Silverts?

  • We source the highest quality of comfortable fabrics that wash well every time & keep garments looking as good as new
  • Smart designed clothing for ease of dressing, whether someone gets dressed by themselves, or help from a caregiver
  • Our team of gerontologists, expert merchandisers & designers specialize in adaptive clothing
  • Human-centered research and design processes that focuses on the specific challenges of getting dressed

Our Story


Founded as a small town department store in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.


Silverts had expanded into a chain of stores across southwestern Ontario.


Silverts was acquired by Careismatic Brands, the world leader in healthcare apparel and footwear with a growing portfolio of health-oriented brands and products.


Silverts continues to be the leader in adaptive clothing for the elderly and adults with disabilities. We continue to innovate, design and create simplified dressing solutions for empowered living.

What our Customers are Saying

Supporting our Community

Over the years we have partnered with over 1200 nursing and long-term care homes, getting our products in the hands of those in need and their caregivers.

We also continue to support our local organizations that do work for causes close to our hearts. This includes Alzheimer’s and dementia research, breast cancer awareness, the Heart & Stroke foundation and caregiver resources.

Our Trusted Partners

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Assisted Dressing
Assisted Dressing
People who need help getting dressed
Self Dressing
Self Dressing
People who get dressed by themselves
Self Dressing
Recovery Wear
Post surgery and recovery wear for healing and comfort

Silverts Giving Care Blog

Helpful tips and information on adaptive clothing and caring for your loved ones.

Questions about Silverts Adaptive Clothes?

Visit What is Adaptive Clothing to learn more about our adaptive design solutions and products.