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Open Back Bottoms

  • Assisted Dressing
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  • Snap Closure

What are Open Back Pants? 

Open back pants are designed for people who need help in getting dressed or have limited mobility. These open-back pants are traditional in fabrication, but with two overlapping panels on the backside that are closed using snaps in the waistband. With multiple snaps along the waistband they can be easily adjusted.

Why is this important?

For someone who has limited mobility, standing up and lifting each leg to get into pants can be difficult. The open back design means that you can be dressed from a seated or in a lying down position. This decreases the strain, pain and risk of injury to both the caregiver and wearer. As for toileting and incontinence management, this design results in fewer accidents as it makes the bottoms easier to get on and off. The pants are donned by sliding each leg hole over the feet, ankles and up the legs, followed by wrapping the back panels around the backside and securing at the waistband. The double panel overlap provides dignified full coverage.

Discrete closures reduce risk of pressure points with adjustable snaps hidden in the waistband.

With complete dignity in mind, the overlapping back panels provide full privacy and coverage of the backside.

The back opening makes toileting easier as you no longer need to completely remove pants for access.

Ideal for seated or supine dressing, these pants are put on from the front and snapped at the waistband with minimal lifting or jostling required.


How do you put on Open Back Pants? 

  1. Open the pants using the snap closures along the waistband of the pants.
  2. From the front, slide the pant legs up the legs of the wearer with the opening in the waistband towards their back.
  3. Once the pants are up to the waist, pull the bottom panel around to the back of the wearer. Take the second panel, and snap into place in the waistband, creating an overlap. Adjust the snap position to ensure comfort.

What makes Silverts’ Open Back design different?

Silverts open back pants are designed to bring ease to the wearer and caregiver, while still providing a high level of quality, style and comfort. No longer do you need to sacrifice style or comfort in your closet to achieve ease of dressing. The adjustable waistband is unique in that the pants can accommodate small changes in size or a shirt tucked in.

Who could benefit from an Open Back Pant or Skirt? 

Open back pants and skirts are great for anyone who has limited mobility or is currently unable to lift themselves up to put their lower body into clothing on their own. This often refers to those who are assisted when getting dressed by a family member or caregiver. Open back bottoms are a great choice for older adults living at home, in assisted living or in hospital, and persons with disabilities; especially those who use wheelchairs. It is also a great option for those who have ALS, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, any sort of paralysis, Parkinson’s or recovering from a stroke.