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Open Back Nightgowns & Hospital Gowns

  • Assisted Dressing
  • Open Back Top
  • Snap Closure

What is an Open Back Gown? 

Open back nightgowns and hospital gowns are a great alternative to the traditional disposable gowns that you receive in hospitals. The Silverts open back gowns feature two completely overlapping back panels attached at the shoulders with snap closures. They are made of soft, stretchy fabrics that reduce the risk of pressure points and discomfort.

Why is this important?

Traditional disposable hospital gowns lack dignity, personality and comfort. Our open back designs provide the same access to ports, incisions, injuries and catheters but with more coverage, style and comfort. The no peek design means there is complete dignity in mind, the two overlapping back panels means even with movement or one panel open there is privacy and no peeking. Your loved one can be dressed and undressed without lifting or jostling, this removes the chance of injury for both them and their caregiver.

Discrete closures reduce risk of pressure points with snaps hidden at the shoulder seams.

With complete dignity in mind, the bottom panel fully covers the backside even when one flap is open, no peeking.

Double overlap means it can open completely like a hospital gown, for easy dressing and personal care.

Ideal for seated or supine dressing, these gowns can be put on from the front and snapped at the shoulders with minimal lifting. Resulting in less injuries and pain to both the wearer and dresser.


How do you put on an Open Back Gown?

  1. Open the gown using the snaps at the shoulders.
  2. From the front, slide the sleeves up the arms of the wearer until the opening reaches at their back (no lifting required).
  3. Once the top is in place, pull the first panel across the back and snap in place at the shoulder.
  4. Now take the second panel, pull across, creating an overlap, and snap again.

What makes Silverts’ Open Back design different?

Our Silverts open back design provides the same easy access to ports, incisions, injuries or for toileting, as a traditional hospital gown with an improved sense of dignity. The no peek overlapping panels means complete privacy and full coverage. These gowns are designed with comfort and ease of dressing in mind, each style provides great options in colours or patterns for a stylish flare.

Who could benefit from an Open Back Gown? 

If you have a loved one recovering from surgery, undergoing chemotherapy or being cared for at home, then consider getting them some at-home hospital gowns. The nightgowns are a great choice for older adults living in assisted living or in hospital, and persons with disabilities. The open back gown design is also a great option for those who have ALS, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, any type of paralysis, Parkinson’s or recovering from a stroke.