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Open Back Dressing Designs

Dressing from the back provides safety for your loved ones & those caring for them:

  • Limits
    face to face
  • Reduces exposure to caregivers & their loved one
  • Provides quick and struggle-free dressing

Self Dressing Designs

Easier self dressing designs allow for greater independence and the ability to practice better physical distancing.

Nursing Homes

Dressing residents from behind and self dressing solutions offer:

  • Reduced resident & staff exposure
  • Quick reduced dressing times
  • Safe struggle-free dressing
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Adaptive Clothing
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Safer Open Back Dressing & Self Dressing Designs
for Caregivers & Loved Ones Details

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Comfortable, Affordable Easy Dressing Solutions & Footwear for Adults & Seniors

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I have been extremely pleased with all my dealings with Silverts. The online ordering process has been simple and my orders have always arrived in a timely manner... Silverts make my job as caregiver much easier to accomplish.
a caregiver helper and energy saver. My mother in law can feel and look beautiful with the easy to put on open back night gowns,t-shirts and dresses. I purchased the items for my sister in law who works full time and care for her mom after work.dressing a 91yr old non ambulatory physically challenge person is not easy.I'm glad I discovered your company. Most of all I'm glad to make my sister in law job a little easier.
Silvert's Adaptive Clothing & Footwear FAQ

What is adaptive clothing?

What is adaptive clothing?

Adaptive clothing typically has back closure designs and side opening designs in order to make it easier for the individual to be dressed by a carer or even themselves. Buttons, zippers, snaps, hidden magnets or VELCRO® brand closures are all examples that may be utilized for both garments as well as footwear closures.

Who may need adaptive clothing?

Adaptive clothing may be needed for people who have physical disabilities, the elderly, and the infirm who may have difficulty getting themselves dressed because of an inability to operate closures, for example zippers and buttons, or the individual may not have the full range of motion needed to dress themselves.

Is adaptive clothing just for wheelchair users or others that suffer from severe disabilities?

There is a common misconception that adaptive clothing is only for wheelchair users or those who suffer from severe disabilities. Even though these groups do benefit from adaptive clothing, this type of clothing is for any individual that may be limited by traditional clothing.

Is adaptive clothing just beneficial for caregivers?

Adaptive clothing may be beneficial for the wearer but also for the family caregiver or health care professional who may assist in dressing the individual. It can help the caregiver and/or health care professional dress the person in a more efficient manner making the task pleasant and easier for both. Adaptive apparel reduces the risk of injuries for the person with limited mobility and their care giver.

What are some of the features that may be associated with adaptive garments?

Magnetic buttons, snaps, easy touch closures, VELCRO® brand closures, tops and pants with side zippers, pants with elastic waists and open back closures are some examples of the features that may be associated with adaptive garments.

What are some of the features that may be associated with adaptive footwear?

Easy touch fasteners and VELCRO® brand closures are some of the features as well anti-slip soles which can help to avoid a fall or slip. Other features include large openings, heel support, wide and extra wide widths. Healthcare professionals use adaptive footwear in fall prevention programs in healthcare facilities.

How does adaptive clothing and footwear help your patients?

It can mean less pain for the patient when dressing with adaptive clothing. The struggle of daily dressing may be significantly reduced. Adaptive clothing can help maintain patient dignity. Adaptive clothing uses fabrics and styles that are comfortable for the patient. Fashion meets functionality; they can have clothing they are comfortable in getting in and out of, but that will also work with their sense of fashion.