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Clothing for elderly women should combine comfort and style. Silverts’ fashionable senior women’s clothing helps the elderly by providing easy dressing functionalities such as open back tops so they don’t have to struggle with narrow neck openings. Women’s adaptive clothing also includes easy access side open pants with an elastic waist or zipper openings so they don’t have to bend or struggle with fastening buttons.

Older ladies can also find many other functional adaptive items that can help make their daily routine easier and safer, from easy to wear house dresses to stylish hospital gowns. No matter what your health concern is, Silverts has the women’s adaptive apparel solution to meet your unique needs.

What are some of the daily essentials that senior women need?

Bras: Bras cause particular difficulties for women with arthritis or those who have had shoulder surgery done and if they have advanced arthritis. With this in mind, we offer bras that are simple and easy for ladies to put on. Silverts’ Easy-On bra is front closing and features four simple snaps to secure it. Are you recovering from shoulder surgery? Do you have advanced arthritis and cannot unhook the conventional bra hooks? Maybe you are just looking for a simple solution to wearing a bra? Silverts addresses all these needs with its front closure adaptive bras.

Check out our guide to fitting adaptive bras to always get the right size and fit.

Adaptive Footwear: Senior women who suffer from back pain or other debilitating diseases will find bending and fastening shoelaces to be very difficult. Tying up laces is no easy task for those with advanced arthritis, if not impossible. Moreover, arthritis pain in feet can make putting on and wearing shoes a painful chore. Easy touch closures in footwear are a fantastic alternative. It helps provide relief for both hands and feet.

Silverts Shop By Need page provides dressing solutions for all your unique needs or a particular health concern such as diabetes, arthritis, stroke or Parkinson’s. Silverts offers hassle-free dressing solutions and clothing solutions for all your needs.