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Mens Accessories:

Silverts accessories for men combine functionality, comfort, and ease. Accessories are meant to make life easier and Silverts mens accessories do just that! From reusable wheelchair protector from waterproof bibs, cozy blanket covers to shower capes, Silverts provides the adaptive solution that makes life easier for the caregiver, healthcare professional and the seniors or elderly. Silverts carries quality nursing home name labels for resident clothing identification. Arm and leg protectors become great gifts because they protect fragile skin and keep the seniors and the elderly warm.

Waterproof Bibs:

Silverts lightweight waterproof bibs for adults keep the clothes protected whenever they eat or at mealtimes in the nursing home. Waterproof material keeps your senior safe and comfortable. With easy closure that comes with a hook and loop fastener at the shoulder, the caregiver or healthcare professional can take it on and off easily. Lightweight fabric in the waterproof bib provides comfort and is not too heavy. This waterproof bib is easy to wipe down and reuse.

Walker Bags:

Our Wheelchair walker bag / pouch is the perfect mens accessory for your grandfather, father or an elderly family member! Silverts quality wheelchair / walker pouch has adjustable easy touch straps that attach securely to wheelchairs and walkers. This wheelchair walker bag features two zippered pockets with easy to grasp pull and two open pockets to keep belongings handy and protected. These pouches make great wheelchair/walker accessories. A great gift for wheelchair users or those wheelchair bound.

Hospital Socks:

Non-skid or anti-slip hospital socks are essential to protect against accidental slips and falls. Silverts best-selling diabetic socks have grips on the bottom, like the treads on shoes though not as stiff. These hospital socks are great for senior loved ones in hospitals and facilities who are not always monitored; preventive measures like slip-resistant adaptive accessories can offer peace of mind and prevent injuries from falls. Non-slip socks are also comfortable for people with arthritis, disabilities, edema, or lowered mobility to other health concerns. Seniors and /or patients want to feel safe and secure, especially when they are sick and this mens accessory is perfect for that. The use of non-slip socks in hospitals is especially important because it helps reduces chances of accidental slips and falls.

Made from a cotton blend knit, the socks are available in 3 different adult sizes that stretch to accommodate most feet and ankles. Though they are comfortably snug, they do not restrict circulation.

Terry Shower Capes:

Plush Terry Shower Capes are a must-have for after-bath warmth and discretion. This plush shower cape is designed without sleeves for those with lowered upper arm mobility. The attached hood is helpful for keeping the head warm especially during winter or when AC air conditioning creates cold indoor temperatures. This adaptive shower cape robe and bath robe by Silverts is terrific for elderly/seniors who are disabled or for wheelchair dependent adults. One of our customers’ favorite nursing homes accessories.