Lymphedema Kits

Empower yourself with dressing solutions that are safe, convenient, and stylish.
Adaptive kits are now available!

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  • Save time with the quick and easy way to buy adaptive clothing kits for women and men
  • Shop by needs bundles will help you find the right dressing solution based on your health concerns
  • These kits make a perfect care package for your loved one

Women's Lymphedema Kit (Classic Comfort)

Silverts Classic Kits are hand selected to provide maximum comfortability and fashionability. From morning to night, this custom kit is designed to provide warmth and comfort throughout your entire daily routine.

Men's Lymphedema Kit (Classic Essentials)

Embrace a truly empowered lifestyle with our new Lymphedema Kit! This custom kit was hand selected by our industry professionals and includes non-restrictive clothing that makes dressing easy and pain free. The adaptive features of this kit also allow for easy movement while providing maximum warmth and comfort.

Silverts has been providing easy dressing solutions for more than 90 years. We believe in empowering people by creating a range of adaptive apparel designed to assist physically challenged individuals in their daily dressing and undressing while offering dignity, convenience and comfort.

These kits have been hand-selected by our industry professionals to provide everything you or your loved one could need to begin the journey into adaptive wear.

Embrace a comfortable lifestyle with our new Adaptive Kit for Lymphedema. From extra wide slippers to elastic waist pants, we have what you need to feel at ease. Help your loved ones alleviate pain and frustration with a neat package that has everything you require for struggle free dressing and maximum comfort.