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Essential Nursing Home Clothing Checklist for Seniors During COVID-19 Outbreak

Seniors in isolation
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This is the essential checklist for your senior loved ones who are in isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Seniors and elderly citizens are highly vulnerable to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Older people with underlying health concerns or pre-existing diseases are highly susceptible to contracting the virus. Considering the sensitivity of threat surrounding this new virus, nursing homes and residential care facilities are under lockdown to prevent the spread and containment of this pandemic.

Those in homecare settings are also being cautioned to practice extreme hygiene methods to avoid the spread of germs. All healthcare professionals, caregivers, and PSW’s are heroically taking care of those in need and trying their best to manage this difficult time and situation.

Families whose senior loved ones are in nursing homes are not able to meet them, but they are concerned and worried about them. Grandchildren of older residents are just as concerned because they are unable to meet them and check up on them. Even sending letters to older loved ones is not permitted because the virus can live on surfaces and nursing homes don’t want to take any chances. In these conditions how can we show our love, support and affection to our seniors?

Social distancing is allowing everyone to practice hygienic methods of living but it has also created an impasse caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. Loved ones are worried about the emotional, mental and physical well being of their senior loved ones.

We, at Silvert’s, understand the situation well and have created an essential checklist of items that can be very helpful for your elderly loved ones who are in nursing care facilities, care homes, home care or residential care settings. These essential items will help them feel comfortable and prepared for the days ahead:

Hospital Gowns:

Silvert’s hospital gowns for women and men are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They are not just easy to put but provide complete dignity and coverage to the patient or the senior. There are no pressure points that can aggravate sensitive skin or cause pain especially when the patient is lying down on the bed. The snaps are strategically placed on the shoulders to avoid closures pressing on any part of the body. Women’s snap back adaptive gowns are available in a wide range of sizes from small to 3 X Large. Our nightgowns offer discretion and comfort that you can’t find with regular hospital gowns. The back of the garment fully overlaps ensuring the wearer’s backside will never be exposed.

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Silvert’s bibs are very useful for seniors because they have snap closures at the back which make them easy to put on and take of. Waterproof vinyl backing offers extra protection against spills. This is a great gift for your seniors at nursing homes or in-home care settings. Bibs can help protect clothing during mealtime. With isolation and social distancing being adopted these days, protective bibs can reduce the chances of changing clothes again and again due to the accidental spill of foods and drinks. 

Wheelchair Pants:

Wheelchair pants come with a large back flap for quick and easy changes. Adaptive wheelchair pants are great for those in wheelchair or for those who have other mobility concerns. The person can remain seated while they are getting dressed with no need to stand up.

How are wheelchair pants put on?

  1. The individual remains in a seated position.
  2. The individual’s legs are inserted into the pant legs and drawn up to the upper thigh.
  3. The caregiver simply snaps the generous overlap into place. The person being dressed is left completely covered without ever having to stand.
  4. Assisted disrobing is just as easy.


Family members are usually concerned about the safety of their senior loved ones. Shoes and slippers are extremely important because they help seniors walk comfortably. Silvert’s skid-resistant slippers are great for swollen feet and they help prevent slips and falls. If your elderly loved one wants to walk indoors to feel active, these shoes will help them feel comfortable and secure.

Non-Skid Socks:

It’s always good to have some cozy socks by your senior loved one’s side. Silvert’s slip-resistant socks have gripper treads that help against potential slips and falls. A pack of non-skid socks makes a great gift and gesture to make your elderly loved one, grandparents or senior parents feel loved and appreciated. For caregivers who are looking after their parents at home, these socks make life easier. Great for rehab, nursing care facility or long-term care homes, non-skid socks will prove to be very beneficial for your senior loved in isolation.

Bed Jacket:

Women’s bed jacket is perfect for added warmth. Whether your loved one is seated on the wheelchair, on the bed or just walking, bed jackets provide extra warmth and comfort. Easy hook closures secure the cape and prevent falling off shoulders. It makes a great gift for seniors as an alternative to robes. Giving them this gift of comfort will help them feel encouraged, appreciated and loved.

Open-back tops and dresses:

Silvert’s adaptive tops and shirts come with open back that allows for easy dressing making life easier not just for your grandparents but the caregiver as well. With the ease of adaptive clothing, there is no need to struggle with small arm or neck holes which make this kind of dressing optimal for nursing homes and residential care facilities.

Safer Open Back Dressing

For your senior loved who are bedridden, adaptive dresses can provide comfort. Those who assist the elderly in getting dressed will find this to be a very convenient option. It has a roomy fit and comes with a generous back overlap for easy and quick changes.

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