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Gifts for Caregivers

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Do you have a caregiver on your shopping list?

Whether he or she is your own caregiver or a loved one with the task of caring for another, there great gifts out there for them. Aside from presents that speak to their unique personalities, a caregiver will always find self-care products/services useful, since stress is such a huge care giving obstacle.

Here are our suggestions for thoughtful gifts for caregivers:

Spa Services

A gift certificate or a date to a spa is a great gift for any caregiver — any moment of rest, relaxation, and/or pampering is a treat! Use SpaFinder to find and book the best massage, acupuncture, facial, or other treatment for your loved one. You can even gift them comfortable and cozy slip-resistant socks that they can wear around the house after coming home from the spa.

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Healthy Meal Delivery

A busy person sometimes forgets to eat well, or eat at all! Have healthy lunches or dinners delivered to their home or workplace. Not only will they receive the gift of nourishment for their body, but this gesture will free up the time it takes to prepare the meals. They can use this time to do whatever they like, whether it’s catching up on chores or T.V. shows. There are tons of delivery services that offer meal kits or prepared meals. You can go the extra mile by cooking and delivering meals yourself!

Guide Books

Caregivers need to know they are not alone in these trying times. Caregiver guide books can be really helpful since they demonstrate that somebody has experienced the same struggles, and offer advice with overcoming them. Dementia: The Journey Ahead is a wonderfully practical guide by Susan Kiser Scarff based on her first-time experience care giving for her husband with dementia. Not only does she recount the emotional roller-coaster ride of care giving, she offers useful resources to help a caregiver through their days.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning can be a large and daunting task, especially for a caregiver with a million other things on their to-do list! Hiring some cleaning help is a huge stress-reliever as it frees up time and creates a peaceful environment. Even if you gift one good clean-up, you’ll make a huge difference in their life.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers have become very popular as of late. They make a room smell nice (without the fire hazard of a candle), restore moisture to the air, and – depending on the essential oil used – help to relax.  Check out a full list of the benefits of essential oils here. They are available in plenty of accessible stores (like Walmart), but specialty stores like Saje are a one-stop shop for everything wellness.

Did we miss something? As always, if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!


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