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Stress Relief Gifts for Family Caregivers 2020

Stress Relief Gifts
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Family caregivers go through a lot of stress in their daily routine. There may be a caregiver in your family, friends, or work circle who deserves to be reminded that they are doing great. Informal caregiver, also known as family caregiver, can be a spouse, a relative, a friend or an immediate family member. They tend to suffer from a range of mental and physical health concerns like stress, anxiety, or exhaustion.

Are you looking for a thoughtful caregiver gift that shows you appreciate what they are doing? Perhaps you want to give them something that makes life easier for them. Gift-giving does not need to be on any certain occasion. It can be a gesture to offer hope, strength, and positivity. Caretaker appreciation gift can just make them feel loved. The best part is you can order these gifts online which makes it easier and less complicated.

Here are some Caregiver Gift ideas:

Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

A vacuum is a practical gift for family caregivers. Instead of opting for cleaning services which can get expensive, a robot vacuum cleans in half the time without putting any added pressure on the carer. Some of the best robot vacuum cleaners save time, including options for automatic charging, and detecting the amount of dirt in different spots.

Cozy slippers:

Most family caregivers spend a lot of time at around their senior loved ones. They are also quite active in the house completing chores and tending to the needs of their elders. Giving the gift of cozy and functional slippers will help them walk not comfortably but safely as well. Non-skid or non-slip slippers are great for offering comfort and security.

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Monthly Magazine Subscription:

Caregivers need to take out some “me-time” so they can relax mentally and physically. Monthly magazine subscriptions such as home décor or gardening magazines will take their mind of the hectic schedule. The gift of the monthly subscription will also help them look forward to receiving their copy of a subject matter that interests them.

Back Massager:

Neck or back massager is the perfect gift for sore muscles after a long day of work. It’s not only the seniors or ill who suffer from back or neck pains. Muscular pain can be associated with stress or strain. Handheld neck massagers are great for relieving stress or soothing neck pains.

Stress Ball:

Squeezing stress balls may help to release tension in caregivers. Using malleable stress balls also improves hand strength and dexterity. Caregivers often conceal their stress because they do not want to express their feelings. Stress balls can also help divert a caretaker’s mind and enhance focus and concentration.

Care Package for Caregiver:

A caregiver may not get enough time to look after their own needs. They may run of out of their daily essentials and will not even get time to get what they need. A care package can be a great gift because it’s customizable. Including items such as moisturizers, toothbrush, candle, soap, eye drops, cozy socks, and other toiletries.


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