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Best Gifts for Caregivers

Best Gifts for Caregivers
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Informal caregivers, also known as family caregivers, can be a spouse, a relative, a friend or an immediate family member. They tend to suffer from a range of mental and physical health concerns like stress, anxiety or exhaustion. Giving the caregivers in your life a gift can remind them that you are thinking of them and the sacrifices that they are making. And the gift-giving doesn’t need to be on any certain occasion or holiday — it can be a gesture to offer hope, strength and positivity at any time. Here some of the best gifts for caregivers to help them relieve stress:

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum is a practical gift for family caregivers that will keep on giving year after year. Instead of opting for cleaning services, which can get expensive fast and need to be scheduled regularly, a robot vacuum cleans in half the time without putting any added pressure on the carer. Some of the best robot vacuum cleaners save time through helpful features such as automatic charging and detecting the amount of dirt in different spots. Offer to help with programming the robot vacuum cleaner so that the caregiver doesn’t have to stress about doing that themselves.

cozy slippers
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Cozy Slippers

Most family caregivers spend a lot of time on their feet, doing chores around the house and tending to the needs of their aging loved ones. Thus, a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes that they can wear inside the house is a must-have item. Consider giving a pair of slip-on slippers so they don’t have to fuss with the laces every time they need to take the shoes on and off. Look for a version that has non-slip soles like the ones we sell here at Silverts to keep them safe and steady on their feet.

At-Home Massager

Caregiving can be really hard on your body, and many caregivers struggle with ongoing aches and pains. However, going to a masseuse may not be possible if the caregiver needs to remain on call, and it can be expensive as well. That’s why many caregivers appreciate at-home massage devices that they can continue to use indefinitely. These range from some simple handheld devices like a massage ball roller all the way on up to a full blown massage chair. If you’re looking for something in the middle, we recommend a back massager, massage gun or massage pillow that plugs into an outlet. Get one with a heated option for an extra luxurious experience.

Water Bottle or Tumbler

Staying hydrated is absolutely essential for everyone, but especially caregivers who other people rely on. Encourage them to drink enough water by giving them a high-quality stainless steel water bottle or tumbler. Look for one with a double walled construction, which will keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold for hours and hours. Also seek out a lid design that the recipient will appreciate — reusable straws are great for cold beverages, while lids with sliding closures are great for hot beverages. If you want to go the extra mile, you can get the bottle or tumbler customized with an engraving of their name or a personal message.

Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Light Therapy Lamp

Sunlight exposure is essential for mental and physical health, but many people don’t get enough in the wintertime, especially caregivers who may be stuck inside for long periods of time. If the caregiver lives somewhere with a lot of gloomy weather, then they will definitely appreciate the gift of a light therapy lamp. These lamps are designed to mimic real sunlight and should be used for 20 to 30 minutes in the morning right after waking up. Seek out a model that produces at least 10,000 lux of light but minimal UV exposure so they will get the benefits without any side effects.

White Noise Machine
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White Noise Machine

Good sleep is essential, but it can be hard to come by as a caregiver, especially if they live somewhere with a lot of ambient noise or have a partner on a different sleep schedule from them. A white noise machine can help disguise background noise or snoring and provide a soothing soundscape to fall asleep to. They come in many different models, including tiny ones for travel and others that double as an alarm clock. Some offer many different soundtracks, including waterfall and ocean noises, while others just make plain white noise or fan sounds, so choose the one that will work best for the caregiver in your life.

Blackout Curtains

If light is the problem, rather than noise, consider giving them a set of blackout curtains instead. These curtains are made from extra-thick fabric that is designed to block out light and make it easy to fall and stay asleep. Be sure to coordinate the color or pattern with their existing bedding so the curtains look like they belong with the rest of the bedroom. For even more light block power, give them an eye mask made out of a comfortable yet breathable fabric like cotton or silk. These eye masks will block out even more light and can also be packed along for travel.

Coffee or Tea Subscription

Many caregivers thrive on caffeine (usually tea or coffee), often drinking multiple cups throughout the day. Thus, getting them a subscription to their favorite tea or coffee brand is a thoughtful gift that they are sure to make use of. If they usually buy what’s on sale at the grocery store, they might still appreciate an upgrade to a nicer brand as long as it’s still in their favorite flavors. If you’re looking for a more impressive present, this is the sort of gift that you can definitely turn into a gift basket by including mugs, tumblers, tea strainers and other related accessories.

Snack Subscription

If the caregiver you are shopping for isn’t much of a hot beverage drinker, then they may prefer a high-quality snack basket or subscription instead. Snack gift baskets are a great option for a consumable one-time present, while subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving each month. 

Before committing to a long-term subscription, make sure that you know your recipient’s snack preferences and allergies so they aren’t stuck with a bunch of food they can’t or don’t want to eat. You may even want to give them a voucher and then let them sign up for the subscription themselves so they can let the service know what their dietary preferences are.

Candles or Essential Oil Diffusers

Smell is an often overlooked sense, and it can be a powerful mechanism for relaxation. That’s why candles and essential oil diffusers are some of the best stress relief gifts for caregivers and others. Candles require less of a learning curve but they do present a fire hazard if left unattended, so your recipient will need to keep an eye on them. Meanwhile, essential oil diffusers require a little more work to operate, but they are safer and usually shut themselves off automatically after a certain number of hours. Whichever route you go, choose soothing scents like lavender and chamomile to help your recipient relax.

Pajamas and Loungewear
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Pajamas and Loungewear

Caregivers need something comfortable to wear at night or on their off days, but shopping for clothing can be exhausting and is probably low on their priority list given everything else they have to do. Do the shopping for them and give them a matching loungewear set or some nightgowns for women that will help them drift off to sleep in comfort every night. Choose pajamas if you are just looking for something that can be worn at home, or go with an upscale loungewear set that can be worn out to run errands to even eat a casual meal. Consider adding in some cozy accessories such as arm warmers to complete the look.

Cozy Blanket

Speaking of being cozy, a soft blanket is an excellent gift for caregivers in the winter months. We personally love blankets made of fleece, sherpa, and other soft and warm materials for maximum coziness. If your recipient already owns plenty of regular blankets, consider giving them an upgrade with a heater blanket or a weighted blanket. Heated blankets provide extra warmth in very cold climates and can also soothe achy, sore muscles that are tired from a long day of caregiving. Meanwhile, weighted blankets help to dispel stress and encourage better sleep by mimicking the feeling of a hug.

Personal Care Items
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Personal Care Items

An at-home spa day is the perfect way to decompress after a hard day, making a kit of personal care items an excellent gift idea for caregivers. Some good items to include are soaps, moisturizers, hand creams, foot creams, foot scrubs and beauty tools. You can either curate your own gift set or look for a kit that is ready to ship from a trusted beauty brand. Make sure to take the recipient’s personal preferences into account — if they have very sensitive skin, for example, then heavily fragranced toiletries are probably not the best bet. 

Journal and Pen Set

Caring for others, especially a family member or another loved one, often brings up a lot of memories and emotions for caregivers. Having a dedicated journal can help them express their thoughts and feelings instead of bottling it all up inside. If they are caring for an elderly loved one, they may also appreciate having a memory journal that they can fill out together to create a record of the loved one’s favorite moments. Not only does this give them something to do, but it also creates a keepsake object that can be passed down through the family for generations.

Relief Care

In some cases, the best gift that you can give to a caregiver is a break from caregiving. This can take many different forms, whether that’s volunteering yourself to take over for them for a day or hiring a short-term home aide who can provide relief for a month or a week. If the caregiver is really struggling or the patient’s needs have increased recently, you might need to look into bringing more family members into the caregiver rotation or look into a more permanent arrangement with outside help. Don’t let them continue to struggle in silence!

Ready to order a gift for the caregiver in your life? At Silverts, we offer a wide range of gifts for both caregivers and their loved ones, from adaptive clothing to supportive shoes and slippers. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an easy returns policy, you can buy your gifts for caregivers with confidence. And with free shipping on all U.S. orders and free rush shipping on U.S. orders over $100, you will get your gifts on time too!

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