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Engaging Seniors- How to Plan Music Activities for Dementia

Seniors with musical instruments
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It has been seen that people have high chances to respond instinctively when they listen to any music. Even if a person is suffering from some advanced stages of memory issues or dementia, still they can engage themselves in music and can often remember it. Keeping all these things in mind, it has been seen that music is a great way to treat people with dementia.

Music Therapy for Dementia

Music has the power of lighting up your entire brain. If you try music therapy with a person who is suffering from dementia, then it will help that person to cope up with fear and confusion. Many people have completely forgotten their close people but is still aware of all the lyrics of their favorite songs. Music lessons are a great way of treating patients who are suffering from dementia.

Music therapy is proven to be very powerful when it comes to relieving a person from pain and help them to recover from any lost memory.

The Objectives of a Music Activity Session

Music sessions are said to provide entertainment, comfort, and have a very positive influence on the lives of the people who have dementia. So the places where it can show positive impact are:

– Improve your social behavior.

– Enhance your communication power.

– Provide comfort and entertainment.

– Alleviate withdrawal and social isolation.

– Diminish your agitation.

– Improve your mood.

– Refresh all your memories which are associated with the good part of your life.

Music Activities for People Living With Dementia

  • Singing: If you are spending time with a person who is suffering from dementia, then the best thing that you can try together is to sing. Sharing a musical experience is a great thing and is also a type of therapy. Most of the people have their favorite type of musical choice, so if both of you love a particular band, then you should sing along. If your grandparent has dementia, then you can sing with them all the songs that they have once taught you.
  • Memory Bag: To treat a patient with dementia, you can take a bag in which you can keep several items like a teddy bear, keys, or the feather duster. Every day you can ask them to pick one of them, and you can create a song related to it. It is one of the easiest ways to begin a conversation with someone who suffers from dementia, and it is also an activity that can stimulate the brain.
  • Play Musical Instruments: For playing any musical instrument, it is not always mandatory to become a musician or play an instrument flawlessly. If you are dealing with a patient who is suffering from dementia, then you can pick an instrument with both of you can learn and have fun, and you will be improvising your music style. You can also accompany one another by singing a song which is known to both of you. It is said that when you are playing a musical instrument, it is stimulating all the part of the human brain, and a person can easily focus on the music. It will bring joy to the person who is suffering from dementia because they can remember the music and can reminiscence the moment. One can also take some guitar lessons.
  • Listening: One of the best forms of music therapy is to just listen to them. It will help people to cope up with anxiousness or stress. Whenever a person with dementia is listening to music, make sure that it has a slow tempo, and if you can accompany them, then it will also encourage the other person to sing. If a person keeps on listening to particular music, then there are high chances that they will be memorizing it without putting much effort.
  • Tv-show Theme Songs: Most of the TV shows theme songs stays in our head for a very long time if you are interested in the music or the show. To help people cope up with the memory issues, you can make them watch some TV series or shows that will come with a lot of songs which they will love to remember. Even if they find it hard, they will still try to learn it.
  • Nursery Rhymes: Nursery rhymes are a great way to treat people who have dementia. It is seen that most of the people still remember all the poems that they had learned when they were very young. These poems have the ability to register deep into your memory. To treat a person with dementia, it is always advised to make them learn some nursery rhymes as it is enjoyable both for the patient and the person helping them to learn.
  • Funny Songs: Funny songs are quite an exciting thing which a person with dementia should try to listen. These funny songs will stay in their head for a long time, and it is also a happy thing to keep in mind.

These are a few things that you can try if you are dealing with a person who is suffering from dementia. Music has a significant impact on the minds of the people because it can stimulate every part of your brain. It will not only strengthen the memory power but will also increase the willingness to learn something every day. There are also many other resources for dementia behaviour. Anything from art activities to clothing that can help with dementia. Anti-Strip suits will eliminate the risk of any issues of disrobing. If you find they are aggressive when dressing due to the need to put shirts over their head, there are top solutions with an open back design to allow them to be dressed comfortably. All of these are great options to make the senior with dementia feel more comfortable.

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