What is SilvertsWear?

SilvertsWear is clothing that has been designed for special elderly needs.

Unfortunately, many elderly people may have trouble raising their arms or bending and turning. This can make it very difficult, or even painful, to get dressed in the morning. With problems such as these, dresses and pants can be difficult to fasten, and wearing regular button-up shirts can be a distant memory.

Silverts recognizes these problems and now offers you a solution: our unique line of SilvertsWear clothing.

SilvertsWear is designed to be an attractive, dignified, and a pain-free alternative to conventional clothing. Adaptive clothes offer easy closure solutions such as zippers, velcro®, and dome closures ("snaps") instead of hard-to-fasten buttons. Waistlines are elasticized, and the fit is loose for comfort and ease.

For elderly people who require a caregiver's help, there is a wide variety of SilvertsWear that opens in the back. This enables people to merely slide into the outfit, and the caregiver simply closes it at the back. This clothing has an extra layer of fabric that overlaps in the back of the garment, ensuring the highest degree of dignity and privacy at all times.

Most SilvertsWear is guaranteed to stand the test of industrial nursing home washing machines.

There's no need to struggle any longer… getting dressed shouldn't be a frustrating or painful experience.

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