Silverts: a leader in adaptive apparel since 1930

Over 85 Years of quality adfaptive clothing for home health care & nursing home residents

Founded as a small-town department store in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, Silverts gained a strong following by focusing on customer service and quality. Soon that one store was not enough, and by the 1960s, Silverts had expanded into a chain of stores across southwestern Ontario.

The company realized that as people aged, their need for service increased. Silverts started getting calls from Retirement and Long Term Care facilities, and soon realized there were many customers with clothing needs the market had neglected.

Silverts turned its attention to adaptive clothing, becoming one of the first companies to focus solely on people with dressing difficulties. Because so many preferred to shop at home, Silverts created a mail order catalog, and in time, an online store.

In 2019, Silverts was acquired by Careismatic Brands, the world leader in healthcare apparel and footwear with a growing portfolio of health-oriented brands and products.

Dressing with dignity, comfort, and style

At Silverts, we’re keenly aware not everyone takes getting dressed for granted. We work in close collaboration with healthcare providers, caregivers, family members, and people with conditions and disabilities that impact their ability to put on or wear regular clothing. From older adults to patients with arthritis, diabetes, scoliosis, mobility issues, incontinence, podiatric conditions and more, Silverts is dedicated to helping people dress with dignity, comfort, and style.

We care about our customers, and our community

Silverts is committed to giving you exceptional service, quality, and value for the price. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us within 60 days for refund or exchange.

We pride ourselves on worldwide availability, fast shipping, and great customer care. Silverts also believes in giving back. As a proud supporter of the Alzheimer Society of Canada, a portion of our proceeds funds research to find a cure and improve quality of life for people with living with dementia.

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