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Karen Tyrell is a Dementia Consultant, Educator, and Author. For over 20 years, she has been a zealous advocate for those affected by dementia. She is the author of Cracking the Dementia Code – Creative Solutions to Cope with Changed Behaviours and a Therapeutic Colouring & Activity Book called Home Life Memories. Karen is the CEO/Founder of Personalized Dementia Solutions Inc., a consultancy that specializes in dementia care, which includes training, tools, products, and support for both family and professional caregivers. When not working, Karen enjoys dancing, hiking, and snuggling with her dogs.


Articles by Karen Tyrell

Whether it’s a nostalgic tune on the radio that brings back fond memories, the sight of needles in a doctor’s office that evokes fear, or the comforting smell of your favourite home cooked meal—triggers can be found all around us.