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Dr. Ariel Frankel is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Florida (License # PY8997) who specializes in Clinical Neuropsychology. She has worked with the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, Memory and Aging Clinics, and Neurology Departments in California, Virginia, and Florida. She has spoken on behalf of the Alzheimer's Association in order to help patients and their families better understand the aging process, memory loss, and Alzheimer's disease prevention.


Articles by Ariel Frankel, PhD

In honor of World Alzheimer's month, it seemed fitting to address a question that I am frequently asked by both patients and their family members alike. Namely, what exactly is dementia and how is it different from Alzheimer's disease? Let's start

As promised, this week I am reviewing a bit more about the symptoms and behaviors that you may notice when someone you love has Alzheimer’s disease. I will also cover some basic tips for handling the difficult situations that could

Are you ready for a little Alzheimer’s disease 101? If your answer is yes, then let’s get started with a quick review from last week in addition to a few basic facts. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia