Learning how to talk to your loved ones suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship. While the task is

Combatting loneliness in seniors is a huge caregiving hurdle. Since their families are often uninvolved and limitations in mobility make it difficult to maintain

Handling Resistance to Medication Medication, despite their ability to create relief for senior patients, may cause a caregiver some trouble if they refuse to take

Senior prescription drug abuse is a growing issue in the U.S. There are older adults that have had a drug problem which continued into

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility for your aging loved one It can be challenging to decide which assisted living home suits a senior. Of course,

There is no question about the importance of being social, especially elderly people who are prone to isolation and thus depression. Physical and mental

As adults age, it’s common for their social connections to decrease due to lack of mobility, retirement, and other reasons. No matter the cause

Cold Weather Activities for Elderly Loved Ones After retirement and especially after physical capability begins to deteriorate, caregivers of senior loved ones have to get

Elder abuse takes so many different forms it is often overlooked. Emotional, financial, neglect, and even physical abuse towards seniors is rarely ever reported

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