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Women's Recovery Rain Jacket with Magnetic Zipper & Detachable Hood

Self Dressing People who get dressed by themselves
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Product Features of Silverts Magnetic Zip Rain Jacket:

  • Quick Struggle-Free Dressing: Reduces Arm Lifting and Dressing Time
  • Patient Designed with your Dignity in mind
  • Easy Access Dressing:Snaps at Sleeves & Side Seam Open Up and Allows for One-Handed Dressing and easy access to IV lines
  • Magnetic Zipper: Can Be Zipped Up or Down Using One Hand
  • Easy-Grasp Closure: Longer Pull Tab Zipper
  • Detachable Hood: Choose Whether You Want a Jacket With or Without a Hood
  • Weather Ready: Water Resistant Fabric, Great for Added Warmth both Indoors and Outdoors
  • Convenient Pockets: Handy Pocket on Each Side
  • Soft & Comfortable: Great for Sensitive Skin and Ultimate Comfort
  • Great for Recovery: Ideal for Shoulder, Heart Bypass, Spinal Surgery Recovery, Chemo, Breast Surgery
  • Quality Machine Washable: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex

Women's Recovery Rain Jacket is ideal for self dressing, limited arm mobility and less hand dexterity. This adaptive convertible jacket features discrete snaps along the sleeve seams and convenient mag zip front closure. This jacket also features a detachable hood, large pockets and is designed with love in a way to allow you to go to and from your doctors office as a layering piece. The beautiful jacket looks like your conventional clothes but gives you the freedom to have added functionality & your own unique fashion style!

Washing Instructions:

Quality machine wash & dry. Quality machine 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex

Magnets are sewn into this clothing and under some circumstances could lead to FATAL or SERIOUS INJURY:

  • May interfere with implanted medical devices, including pacemakers. Consult a physician before wearing
  • Ingestion hazard: If a magnet becomes exposed or clothing becomes worn or torn near the magnet, keep out of reach of children and dispose of garments & magnets.
  • If magnets are swallowed, seek medical attention even if the person is not choking

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Product Label Clearance
Gender Women
Needs Adaptive, ALS, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Assisted Living, Cerebral Palsy, Disability Clothing, Disabled, Elderly, Handicap, Health Care, Home Care, Hospice, Independent Dressing, Multiple Sclerosis, Nursing Home, Paralysis, Patient Clothing, Post Operation, Senior, Stroke, Wheelchair, Delicate Skin, Arm Stiffness, Parkinson's
Dressing Type Self-Dressing