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Men’s Underwear:

Men’s underwear should be comfortable. Silverts’ comfortable undershirts and underwear for men are great for seniors, elderly, disabled or those who are looking for underwear with maximum comfort and dignity. Heavy-duty elastic waistbands stay secure around the waist and Lycra leg bands provide ultimate comfort to seniors and elderly.

Seniors will benefit from the ease of wear of Silverts’ adaptive clothing for adults. As your needs change, we can help with safe, warm and comfortable clothing to help keep dressing simple and dignified. Our line of older men's clothes looks great and is easy to wear!

Bedridden patients or senior individuals with incontinence or bedwetting issues do not have to wear unattractive nightwear or pajamas. At Silverts, you or your loved one can choose from a wide variety of patient pajamas for the hospital and home in attractive patterns or solids for women and handsome designs and patterns for men.

Silverts offers a wide range of adaptive clothing for adults, diabetic seniors or disabled elderly. When conventional clothing becomes difficult to wear, adaptive clothing offers all the easy dressing solutions – from day wear like adaptive shirts and side open pants to comfortable sleepwear and nightwear for maximum comfort. Silverts’ adaptive wear is specially designed to fit many body types and is crafted with super soft materials to make sure quality and comfort are high. We use soft fabric and great quality cloth to avoid any irritation and rubbing on an elderly person’s sensitive skin. Our pajamas, other sleepwear/nightwear and undergarments are made with the same quality soft fabric so you or your senior loved ones can sleep with ease and comfort.

Men’s Sleepwear:

Silverts’ undergarments and sleepwear for seniors, disabled people and elderly provide comfort, dignity and ease. Silverts’ open back undervests come with easy access closures at the back that allow for easy changes. The adaptive snap back closures are terrific for those seniors or elderly who have lowered or limited upper arm mobility, who cannot move their arms or who are recovering from shoulder surgery. The easy closures are secured with snaps at shoulders and senior men no longer have to struggle with raising their arms to wear their undervests. Strategically placed shoulder snaps eliminate pressure points and full back overlap provides complete dignity for the wearer.

Silverts’ nightwear for men also includes comfortable cotton men’s pajamas for the elderly. The top has a breast pocket and the easy to wear pants have an elasticized waistband that will help seniors dress or undress easily.

Silverts’ back snap adult nightgowns and patient sleepwear are fully machine washable and made to withstand the rigors of industrial strength laundry machines used in healthcare facilities. A variety of gowns for hospital and home are available in flannel, cotton, knit and plus size or oversize for obese and larger patients. The sleepwear maintains its original color and shape and no ironing is needed. Patients may be dressed in our healthcare nightgowns from either a sitting or lying down position.

Unlike other sources of healthcare nightwear, Silverts’ adult hospital patient gowns are also reasonably priced to fit almost any budget.

Men’s Nightgowns:

Medical gowns and sleepwear should offer you or your loved one dignity and comfort. They are often referred to as hospital patient gowns, nursing home or home healthcare nightgowns. Silverts has the perfect sleepwear solutions to meet your needs.

Our classic hospital patient nightgowns with snaps are comfortable and extremely easy to wear or take off. Silverts’ adaptive back snap sleepwear comes in flannel, fleece, cotton and knit. Choose your own designer gown from a variety of patterns, styles and adaptive designs, including plaids and stripes. This back-snap nightwear is designed for dignity, modesty and style. The gown prices are within your budget and make them good for everyday wear. They are not a luxury item. Silverts’ nightwear is available in both short sleeve and long sleeve hospital nightgowns for open back and adaptive needs.