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Easy Access and Comfortable Clothes for Elderly Men

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As you age, your mobility and needs change, necessitating wardrobe changes every so often. Indeed, many older adults find “regular” clothing uncomfortable to wear and difficult to get into. Thankfully, there is a lot of adaptive clothing for men out there that is designed specifically with the elderly in mind. Here are nine ideas for clothes for elderly men:

Pull-on Shirt

For elderly men who can still dress themselves and have decent upper body mobility, but lack the hand dexterity to operate buttons and zippers, pull-on shirts can be a great solution. Look for styles made of stretchy fabric with wide necklines lined with elastic trim to make the dressing process as easy as possible.

Open Back Shirt

For elderly men who need assistance dressing, especially those in wheelchairs, an open-back shirt is an excellent alternative. These shirts look completely normal from the front, but the back is made up of two overlapping panels for dignity and warmth. The panels are held together with snap closures that are cleverly hidden in the shoulder seams. They are not visible once the shirt is on and also won’t poke into your back when you sit.

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Magnetic Closure Jacket

Many classic men’s garments, such as button shirts and jean jackets, aren’t easy to put on if you have limited mobility. Buttons in particular are difficult to work for people who have arthritis in their hands. Thankfully, an alternative exists in the form of magnetic closures. Shirts and jackets with this feature look completely normal to the naked eye, but are a breeze to close and open even if your hand dexterity is limited.

elastic waistband jeans with pockets
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Pull-on Pants

Similar to shirts, pull-on pants can be a great option for men who still dress themselves. Seek out designs with loops sewn into the waistband, which eliminates the need to grip the pants tightly in order to get dressed and undressed. The men’s elastic waist pants should feature strong elastic that snaps back into place when released for a secure fit.

Side Closure Pants

Side closure pants are a good option if you still dress yourself but need a wider opening than elastic waist pants will allow. Side closure pants feature zipper or Velcro tabs on both sides so the top of the pants completely folds down. This allows not only for easy dressing and undressing, but also for access to catheters and other medical devices without completely undressing.

Open Back Pants

If you are wheelchair bound, then you need clothes that are specifically designed for your needs. Open-back pants allow someone to help you get dressed without you ever having to stand up. The two panels in the back completely overlap for dignity and are secured using strong snaps. The snaps stay put until you need to get undressed. Then, they come undone with ease.

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Stay Dressed Clothing

If your elderly loved one has dementia or another condition that causes them to strip off their clothing at inappropriate times, then stay-dressed clothing might be a great solution for your needs. These garments usually come in one-piece jumpsuit designs and feature secure zippers and snap tabs on the back to prevent sporadic undressing. If you are struggling to keep your elderly loved one dressed, definitely look into anti-strip clothing and dementia jumpsuits like these.

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Grippy Socks

As people age, their bodies often have trouble regulating their temperature, leading them to get cold even during moderate temperatures. Thus, many elderly men find it necessary to wear socks at all times in order to stay warm. Socks with rubber grips on the bottom will help them stay steady on their feet and help to prevent falls.

Non-Skid Slippers

As another fall prevention tactic, elderly people should wear slippers or shoes with non-skid soles during the day, even when they are inside. Soft slippers with Velcro tabs are comfortable to wear all day and will allow you to adjust the size of your shoe as your feet swell. Make sure to measure your feet before purchasing to ensure that you get the correct size — and get extra wide shoes if you need the room.

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